16 February 2014

Doane & Hopkins & Dollarhide

My common ancestors with this researcher are John Doane, Hannah Bangs, and Stephen Hopkins, the Mayflower passenger.  John Dollarhide is a common ancestor (with the same researcher) with my sister's kids through their father's lineage.

My Niece & Nephew's Dollarhide Lineage:

John Dollarhide m. Nancy Chittington
James D. Dollarhide m. Barbara Samples
James Samples Dollarhide m. Mary King
Mary Dollarhide m. Thomas Humphrey
Fay Humphrey m. Dr. Charles Price
Kenneth Tillery Price m. Lois Blunt
[Subsequent Generations - Living Descendants]

It was interesting to me that my sister's kids had a connection through both their maternal and paternal lines to the same researcher.  Who knew?!

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