17 February 2014

Close Call -- Washington Almost In The Royal Navy

A post in the Tales Of The New World blog speculated that Washington Might Have Been British Admiral.


From the Magazine Of American History....

It is probable that the ensign's commission in the British navy procured for George in 1746 was obtained through Major Lawrence Washington and his friends [perhaps Admiral Edward Vernon]...and would have gone into navy service had not his mother objected. Washington was already an advanced pupil in the school of self-control, and gave no outward evidence of disappointment at his mother's decision. No sulks or poutings; no attempts to run away from home and go to sea in defiance of maternal authority, but for another year or more he continued at school under the immediate influence of his mother and his elder brothers.

[George Washington] about fifteen and eager to enter upon the career of a seaman. When ready to leave home he was dissuaded from going by his mother, a decision that entirely changed the course, it may be, of his after life. Her opinion was strengthened by a letter of advice from her brother in the old country, who thought his nephew's chances of rising in the King's Navy were very slight.  [Source]

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