04 December 2013

Possible Origins Of The Term Scotland


From Black's Picturesque Tourist of Scotland: With an Accurate Travelling Map ..., by Adam and Charles Black (Firm) 1841:

Scotland is the northern and smaller division of the Island of Great Britain. The origin of the term is involved in much obscurity. That part of the country which lies beyond the Firths of Forth and Clyde received from the Romans the appellation of Caledonia and its inhabitants were denominated Caledonians. They were afterwards known by the name of Picts, and from them the country was for some centuries called Pictland. The term Scotland began to come into use for the first time in the eleventh century, and this name is supposed to have been derived from a colony of Scots who had previously left Ireland and planted themselves in Argyleshire and the West Highlands. Source

A map of Edinburgh from the same source.

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