03 December 2013

Diadema Chittenden And Her Joseph Smith Story

Diadema Chittenden's name surfaced while researching a Cameron [see Nancy Whitney's Probate].

Allan P. Cameron, her son-in-law, was named as executor, in the Nancy Whitney estate, Wayne County, Michigan, Probate File #2818.  [Nancy Whitney...daughter, Diadema Chittenden, wife of Roderick M. Chittenden...   A biography of Diadema's second husband, Roderick Chittenden, here.

Diadema and her mother in Monroe County, Michigan, in 1850:

United States Census, 1850
Monroe city, ward 2, Monroe, Michigan, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Diodania Edmunds F 37  Canada
K W Edmunds M 12  Ohio
E Baldwin M 28  Canada
Nancy Whitney F 61  New Hampshire
B F Whitney M 21  New York
H M Whitney F 17  New York
Elizabeth Andrew F 15  Michigan

Roderick Chittenden's business in Detroit, from the State of Michigan Gazetteer & Business Directory for 1856-7 [he and Diadema were not yet married]:

Diadema Chittenden's story about Joseph Smith (the Mormon Prophet) was quoted in the The Gospel Messenger (excerpted): 

A Statue of Joseph Smith And His Brother At Nauvoo, Illinois

Diadema and Roderick in Missouri in 1870:

United States Census, 1870
Missouri, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
R M Chittenden M 56y New York
Deidima Chittenden F 57y Canada

More about Diadema's Joseph Smith story.

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