24 August 2013

William Roark: A Lochry's Massacre Survivor


The Westmoreland [Pennsylvania] men found themselves the prisoners of Joseph Brant, the famous war chief of the Mohawks, with a large band of Iroquois, Shawnees and Wyandots. George Girty, a brother of Simon, was in command of some of the Indians. The fierce Shawnees could not be controlled, and began at once to kill their share of the prisoners.

While Lochry sat on a log a Shawnee warrior stepped behind him and sank his tomahawk into the colonel's skull, tearing off the scalp before life was gone. It was with great difficulty that Brant prevented the massacre of the men assigned to the Mohawks and Wyandots.

About 40 of the Westmorelanders were slain, most of them after the surrender. The captives whose lives were spared numbered 64 (this source says 70). Among those who escaped death were Captains Stokely and Orr, the latter being severely wounded in the left arm.  Source: Old Westmoreland...

My ancestor William Roark's life was spared; made difficult, yes, but spared nonetheless.

The massacre as described by another survivor, William Worthington.

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