27 August 2013

Craigmire And Humphrey Cherokee Documentation

The Eastern Cherokee Application Of F. M. Humphrey of Bokahoma, Oklahoma, #36082

This document stated that Cora H. Burton was the daughter of Craigmire, and this Craigmire woman was a full-blooded Cherokee and my grandmother.  My mother was the daughter of Craigmire.  His children and grandchildren were listed, too. [Daffie Williams, Rosie Bourman, Louetta Woodall and grandchildren with the surnnames of Woodall, Hamilton, Masterson and Miller - note:  these names were penciled in and very faint]

F. M. Humphrey's wife and children were named; his date of birth was also on this document (28 May 1847).  His wife was Ellion, age 60; children were Rosey Lee Humphrey, 28; Luler Humphrey, 26; and Daffy Humphrey, 24.  F. M. Humphrey's parents (both born in Georgia) were Simeon Humphrey and Nancy Mack.

The document above named Frank M. Humphrey's grandmother as Nancy Craigmile, daughter of John Craigmile second, who was raised an orphan girl. [Was the name Craigmire or Craigmile?]

United States Census, 1910
Township 3, McCurtain, Oklahoma, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Frank M Humphrey M 63 Georgia
Wife Ellen Humphrey F 61 Louisiana
Daughter Daffie Humphrey F 24 Arkansas
Son-in-law  John E Miller M 35 Louisiana
Grandson Allie Miller M 11 Arkansas

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