28 August 2013

Clash Of The Titans? The Acklin Lawsuit

Chancery records online at Virginia Memory at the Library of Virginia

Augusta County
Index No.: 1811-190 
Original Case #6
Christopher Acklin Vs. Exr. Of Thomas Walker

page 14 affiant James Vance whose testimony was taken at Abingdon, Washington Co., VA
page 17 affiant John Vance
page 22 General Daniel Smith of  Sumner county, TN
page 24 Samuel Acklin of Claiborne Co., TN  in the HOUSE OF JOHN HUNT!!!!
page 27 court summons form
page 30 lived in fort in fear of Indians
page 33 Andrew Vance
page 36 William Hinds
page 37 Joseph Acklin
page 41 deposition of Daniel Smith  spelled Acklin as Ackland
page 42 Andrew Colville mentioned and also Joseph Black
page 43 David Shelby, clerk Sumner Co (12 March 1804)
page 44 Blount Co., TN, Joseph Black, Josiah Gamble (10 March 1803) Gamble was affiant
page 48 receipt
page 50 Christopher Acklin (Jr?) and William Acklin (signatures) Washington Co., VA, with Vance sig.
page 52 another summons form
page 54 wants deposition of Alexander Breckenridge of Bourbon co  KY, signature? of Christopher Acklin dated 10 May 1803
page 56 General Daniel Smith of Davidson Co., TN, Christopher Acklin by attorney __
page 58 Alexander Breckenridge of Bourbon co, KY 4 June 1803 Christopher Ackling!

Christopher Acklin's tavern was mentioned here in the lawsuit records.

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