20 July 2013

Battle Of Long Island Flats...

....that took place on July 20, 1776, near what is now Kingsport, Tennessee.


This site, the Daniel Boone Trail, "...tells first hand accounts of the Battles of Long Island Flats at Kingsport, and of the Indian fighting around Black's Fort in Abingdon...".

From Journal Of The American Revolution, All Things Liberty, William Cocke at the Battle of Long Island Flats:

"Three columns of Cherokee under Old Abrams, Dragging Canoe, and the Raven marched into the region looking to chase the settlers completely out."

In regards to the Battle of Long Island Flats, this source mentioned the British Indian agent, [Alexander] Cameron:

"But the war with England having come on the British agent, Cameron, or Stewart, I am not certain which, excited them to war with us. And they were organizing a formidable campaign to fall on our unsuspecting frontier."

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