30 May 2013

The Roark Lawsuit

From Kentucky Family Records, Volume 20, Page 79:

NOTE:  There may be some errors on this abstract version, so it would be best to obtain the original document(s).  By what name is the original document identified?  For the purpose of this blog post, it's the Roark lawsuit filed in the Hopkins County, Kentucky, circuit court, ca 1868.

This document delineated the heirs of Elizabeth (Roark) Brown Coleman, namely her siblings and children of her late siblings.  Since she was the daughter of William Roark (the Revolutionary War veteran), the named individuals were William Roark's heirs as well.  Good information for my family tree.

The "Roark" lawsuit  --  Plaintiffs Petition Against Defendants

John Roark, Michael Roark (et al)...plaintiffs who pray for the recovery of land & $1,000 in damages
Green Utley, James McGregor, Jesse M. Parish and John T. Lynch, defendants

Crucial points in the lawsuit:

A patent was granted by the Commonwealth of Kentucky by patent, 6 January 1819, to Hobson Brown in Hopkins County.

Hobson Brown died ca 1840.

The said land was willed by Hobson Brown to his wife, Elizabeth (Roark) Brown, who intermarried with Archibald Coleman after Hobson Brown's death.

Elizabeth was the daughter of William Roark, deceased, and at her death left the following heirs-at-law, including the plaintiffs John and Michael Roark, her brothers...

Source identifying Case Number: Roark Lawsuit: Hopkins Co, KY; Oct. 1868; Case #9317

United States Census, 1850
Hopkins county, part of, Hopkins, Kentucky, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Archibald Coleman M 56 North Carolina
Elizabeth Coleman F 52 Kentucky

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