26 May 2013

Family Trouble For The Kellys In Pittsburgh

An Orphans' Court, the case of Edward Kelly, Sr., plaintiff, was found in the Pittsburgh legal journal, Volume 32:

...at the time of the transfer of the 21st of March, 1874, there was a verbal agreement between the parties by which the the defendant undertook to provide for the wants of the plaintiff during his life, including the use and occupancy of the house on Ross street, and also to convey, after the plaintiff's death, a portion of the real estate to certain persons then and there agreed upon.

The defendant seems to have been wholly obedient to the will of his uncle.

In fact, between these parties there was no jar or discord until after the plaintiff's second marriage...and thus a dispute arose which led to the compromise of May 7, 1878.  Here, it might well be supposed, all possible controversy had an end.

But it may be pertinently asked, What had the defendant to do with all this [bad advice from the plaintiff's advisors to compromise]?  [Bottom line -- nothing]

Bridget Kelly's appeal is dismissed at costs of appellant. [In 1885, Bridget Kelley, widow of Edwd, was living at 105 Ross in Pittsburgh, PA]

Source: Fold3 -- 1874 Pittsburgh City Directory

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