19 April 2013

Comprehensive Account Of April 19, 1775

From The battle of April 19, 1775 in Lexington, Concord, Lincoln, Arlington, Cambridge, Somerville, and Charlestown, Massachusetts by Frank Warren Coburn.


"There have been many histories of the Battle of Lexington and of the Battle of Concord, some of them excellent to the extent of that part of the contest to which they were devoted."

"But the student in American local history needs a more extensive view of the operations of that day. He needs to be better informed as to the various scenes of carnage that were waged along all of those nearly twenty miles of highway.  Men were slain in Lexington, and in Concord; but there were many others slain in 
Lincoln, in Arlington, in Cambridge, and in Somerville. Nor should we forget the youngest martyr of the day, but fourteen years of age, who fell in Charlestown. 

For the purpose, then, of presenting to such as may be interested, I have assembled here the most comprehensive account that has ever been offered, and one that aims to be a history of the entire day.

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