18 April 2013

British West Florida

Fort Conde Reconstruction in Mobile, Alabama* - Jim's Picture

In a note to the secretary at war, under date of April 18, 1763, the Earl of Egremont gave notice of the dispatch of final orders for the occupation of Florida and that portion of Louisiana lying east of the Mississippi river to which title had recently been acquired by England.

By the terms of the royal edict Florida and the former French territory between the Perdido and the Iberville rivers was erected into two provinces to be known as East Florida and West Florida.

With the knowledge available, however, it was deemed indispensable that this country should be divided into two distinct governments, and that for the present the chief residence of the governor of the one should be St. Augustine, and that of the other, Pensacola.

*Mobile -- In the middle of British West Florida  (See map)

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