02 January 2013

Perished In A Fire

The James McManigul family (husband, wife, child) perished in a fire in Lapeer [actually it was Tuscola County] (published in the San Francisco Bulletin on January 9, 1874).

It was this couple from Tuscola County.  

A GENDIS death records search:

MCMANAGEL , JAMES 2 - Jan - 1874 Mcmanigal Tuscola
MCMANAGEL , MARTHA A 2 - Jan - 1874 Freedy Tuscola
MCMANAGEL , MARY 2 - Jan - 1874 Mcmanagel Tuscola
James was living with his parents, Huldah and Anson (Anthony) McManagle, when the 1860 Census in Tuscola County was taken.  Huldah's death record information here.

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