03 January 2013

He Must Marry To Increase His Inheritance

He Must Marry
In Order to be Owner of Half a Million

According to the terms of his uncle's will, C.E. Babcock [sic] of Ann Arbor, Michigan, would inherit $500,000.00 if he married within 5 years, as reported in the Fort Worth Daily Gazette on February 20, 1889.   His uncle died "last June"... .

However, the Macon Telegraph, published January 23, 1889, had a different set of facts for the same story.
Instead of C.E. Babcock, the name was James L. Babcock; he was 45 years old and lived with his mother.  His uncle, Luther James, never married.

"A Romantic Story" published in the Dallas Morning News on September 6, 1888, added that the uncle, Luther James, had lived in Lima, Washtenaw County, Michigan.  Apparently Mr. James put the kabosh on an earlier marriage planned by his nephew, James L. Babcock and later regretted is interference.

The Trenton Evening Times (25 November 1892) stated that he married Miss Ella Stanley Butler.  The Grand Forks Herald indicated that he married Miss Butler in Waukesha, WI, on September 28, 1892.


Wisconsin, Marriages, 1836-1930
groom's name: James L Babcock
bride's name: Ella S. Butler
marriage place: Waukesha, Wisconsin
groom's father's name: Liliand Babcock
groom's mother's name: Elizabeth James Babcock
bride's father's name: Walter C Butler
bride's mother's name: Cynthia S Griswold Butler

L. James Babcock of Ann Arbor, Michigan, "capitalist," age 60, had been married to Ella for 8 years in 1900.

The Ann Arbor News, published 31 January 1912, stated that James L. Babcock died in St. Petersburg, Florida.  He was to be buried in Ann Arbor.  The paper also added that James was the son of Dr. Leland and Elizabeth (James) Babcock, born in Goshen, Massachusetts, February 10, 1840.  He is a descendant of the Pilgrim fathers through his mother, who was the daughter of Malachi and Elizabeth (Lyman) James.

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