27 October 2012

Two Centenarians In Maine

From the New England Historical And Genealogical Register:

By the census of 1850, there were found in Maine 13 persons over 100 years of age; of whom 9 were males and 4 females.  This was one to every 44,755 of the population of the State.  In New Hampshire and Vermont, the proportion was much larger, being in the former State 11 in a population of 317,456, or one to 28,860; in the latter 8 in a population of 313,402, or one to every 39,175. [See above for rest of the article]

I have not the means of determining the number of that age of persons now in Maine, and can speak of only two, viz: Father Sawyer*, now residing in Bangor, who was born in Hebron, in Conn., Oct. 1755, and consequently is 102 1/2 years old; the other is Mrs. [Ann] Wilson**, who is now living with her son, Col. John M. Wilson, in Oxford county.  I have requested Col. Wilson to furnish me an account of his mother, which I think is interesting enough for an article in the newspaper.  I therefore offer it to you for publication.
[The biography of Col. John Wilson's mother.]

*John "Father" Sawyer's (who married Rebecca Hobart) family tree.  Mr. Sawyer in the 1850 census.

**Ann March married, as his 2nd wife, Nathaniel Wilson

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