26 October 2012

Devil's Hole Massacre

Some distance below the falls, on the U.S. side, near the chime, there is a hole, called the Devil's Hole, 300 yards in the circuit, and 300 feet deep, with trees and craggy rocks sticking to the inner surface.  In the French war in this province, in 1759, there was a company of 500 American and British soldiers, with all their baggage waggons, marching by the hole; when they were all driven into it, at the point of the bayonet, by a company of French, who lay in ambush.  Only 2 men escaped.  One of them now lives 5 miles from the place.  From A geographical view of the province of Upper Canada: ...

Ferde Grofe, an American composer, incorporated the Devil's Hole as part of a symphony; hear it on YouTube.

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