14 October 2012

McKee, Et Al, Move To Ceded Territory

On June 7th, 1784, the Huron and Ottawa Indians who claimed ownership or proprietary rights in the country surrounding Detroit, gave by treaty* a tract of land seven miles square at the mouth of the Detroit River to the following British officers or fighters who had been associated with them in the recent war;--Alexander McKee, William Caldwell, Charles McCormack, Robin Eurphleet, Anthony St. Martin, Matthew Elliott, Henry Bird, Thomas McKee and Simon Girty.  *Page 27 in link    [Source of Article]

McKee's Town was in Ohio, not Ontario.  After the Revolutionary War, McKee was a British officer/fighter who received ceded land in British Canada.  

Alexander McKee and Simon Girty were thought to be part of Lochry's Defeat, as was my ancestor, William Roark (on the defeated American side).  Stirring up trouble probably made McKee less welcome in Ohio.

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