02 August 2012

Marsena & Adella (Richmond) Stiles

The name Stiles piqued my interest because a relative's relative has Stiles ancestors [See #688 James].  Turns out that the deceased, Marsena L. Stiles, married a Richmond descendant, Adella, Richmond, and Adella and I share Richmond ancestors.
Petition For Probate of Will from the Probate Court in Eaton County, Michigan:
In the Matter of the Estate of Marsena L. Stiles Adella E. Stiles of Vermontville, Easton County, Michigan...make(s) this petition as widow and executrix
Deceased died on 2 August 1931
Last Will and Testament dated 12 August 1912, Witnessed by John C. Downing and Jennie Downing
Adella E. Stiles, Widow, Vermontville
Charles A. Stiles, son, Vermontville
Lena May Stiles Earl, daughter, Kalamo Township, P.O. Bellevue
Edith Adella Stiles Welshon, daughter, 325 W. Washington St., Jackson

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