01 August 2012

Former Military Enemies In A Land Transaction? Colonel Thomas Browne And General "Lighthorse Harry" Henry Lee

While browsing the Florida Memory site, the name Judge Augustus Brevoort Woodward caught my eye.  He was an historical figure in Detroit.  To my surprise and delight, there was a letter on the site from H. Lee (Henry Lee IV, half brother of Robert E. Lee) to Judge Woodward dated September 15, 1824.

It got even better!  The letter referenced land granted in East Florida to Col. Thomas Browne, an officer of the British Army, by the Creek and Seminole Indians and further, a deed of conveyance from Browne to Mr. Lee's father, the late General H. Lee.

Excerpts below:

Dear Sir,
I must beg you to excuse the liberty I am about to take with you, and must trust to your goodness for my apology. By inspecting the enclosed papers No—1, 2, and 3 you will perceive that No. 1 is an authentic copy of a grant from the Creek and Seminole Indians of a certain territory in E. Florida to Col. Thomas Browne an officer of the British army during the American War—...
 of a deed of conveyance from the said Col. Browne to the late Genl. H. Lee my father...

Colonel Browne was the father of Captain Donald Cameron's second wife, Elizabeth Brown.  I may be a descendant of Captain Cameron's son by his first marriage.

A description of Browne and Lee's military interaction

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