25 August 2012

Lochry, Before The Defeat

From the Pennsylvania Historical Museum Commission's Archives Division:

Military correspondence from Col. Daniel Brodhead, Commissioner of the Western District in Pittsburgh (a.k.a. Fort Pitt) to Col. Archibald Lochry (or Lochrey), Lieutenant of Westmoreland County.
Lochry was a colonel during the Revolutionary War. He headed a group of 107 militiamen from Westmoreland County which gathered at Fort Pitt on June 23, 1781. Lochry's battalion was supposed to join George Rogers Clark's expedition at Wheeling, West Virginia against the British. The goal was to capture Detroit. When Lochry failed to arrive on August 8, 1781, Clark's troops left without him. Clark did however leave a message for Lochry to follow him but the message was intercepted by the Tories. Lochry pushed ahead unaware of the danger. On August 25, 1781, on the Miami River in Indiana, Lochry's battalion was ambused by the British and their Indian allies. Thirty-seven men including Lochry were killed and the remaining 70 men captured. Because of Lochry's Defeat, Clark had to abandon his plans to take Detroit for the Americans.

Manuscript Group 276
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