21 June 2012

East Tawas Murder

From the Farmington Enterprise [Michigan] published July 1, 1921:

A murder in East Tawas [MI]
Henry Wilkinson of Bellaire, Belmont, Ohio, murdered his ex-wife and her husband, Mr & Mrs Riley Griffiths, and shot their two year old son, Edward Griffiths.
Deputy Sheriff Arthur Dillon narrowly escaped death when he came to the Griffiths home to investigate the shooting.

Riley Griffith (1879-1921) and Alberta J. Baile Knight (1903-1921) were married in Iosco County, Michigan, on June 8, 1921.  They were shot to death on June 21, 1921.

East Tawas Slayer Is Found Guilty (News Article)
Date: 1921-09-23; Paper: Grand Rapids Press

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