28 April 2012

Tallapoosa Bound

What was learned while we were in Tallapoosa, Georgia:

"Tallapoosa achieved international renown in 1890 when Gen. Benjamin F. Butler of Massachusetts and other notables including two United States Treasurers -- A. U. Wyman and James W. Hyatt -- organized the Georgia Alabama Investment and Development Co., to build a new city along the tracks of the Georgia Pacific Railroad, which had been built in 1882."

John F. More of Sanilac County, Michigan, bought property in Tallapoosa, Haralson County, Georgia, in 1899.  J. F. More, his wife, Lorancy, and daughter, Kezzie, made the move from Michigan to Georgia.  J. F. More's sister, Addie, was my great-grandmother.

John F. More was a railroad engineer; did the Georgia Pacific Railroad development figure in his decision to move?

Tallapoosa is linked to the music of A. A. (Ahaz Augustus) Gray & Seven Foot Dilley (from Tallapoosa Bound at YouTube).

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