29 April 2012

John Lewis Palm Obituary


Pioneer German Citizen Passes Away at Age of 84.

Came to Circleville in 1846 and House in Which He lived for over Half a Century Stands on Historic Spot--Was Recruiting Ground for Soldiers

John Lewis Palm died Wednesday afternoon, January 3, at 2 o'clock at his home on East Main street...dropsy, from which he had ...for the past four months.

Mr. Palm was born in Ebingen province of Wurtemburg, Germany, September 26, 1828.  At the age of ___he came to this country, landing in New York City.  He came to this....31, 1846, traveling from...way of the canal, the...transportation at the... .  May 25, 1850, Mr. Palm married Miss Mary Bailey, daughter of Jacob Bailey.  She died July 14, 1907.  The Palms were ....this city and ......which had been his home for over a half century.

The ground on which the house stands was once the camping ground for soldiers who enlisted in the Mexican war.  Here they were recruited and drilled before going to the front in 1846 and 1847.  The enlisting officer's tent was under a big...that stood for years back of the house.

Mr. Palm was a member of the Lutheran church in which faith he was baptized in his youth.

Nine children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Palm, two of whom, George and John Palm, died in infancy.  The surviving children are:  Matilda, wife of John Staiger, Mary, widow of the late H. M. Gutches, Lydia, wife of A.D. Schumm, and William H. Palm, of this city; Louis L. Palm, Sallie, wife of Harry L. Jennings and H (Rosa) wife of Wilson Alkire, of Columbus.  Of his immediate family there are living one brother, John Palm, and two sisters, Mrs. Mary Louise Zwicker, of this city, and Mrs. Barbara Kemler, of Columbus.

The funeral services were held at his late home Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock.  Rev. G. F. Hughes, of the United Brethren church officiated and in the service read the hymn, "Asleep in Jesus."  The pallbearers were all grandsons, and were Ralph Schumm, Clarence, George and Louis Gutches, Elton Palm and John F. Mader.

Burial was in Forest Cemetery.
 [published January 11, 1912]

John Lewis Palm was the brother of John Gottlieb Palm who was Jim's great-grandfather.

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