15 March 2012

Heirs Of James Johnson

Probate document in the file of James Johnson of Saline County, Illinois:

19 August 1918
Saline County, Illinois


Wife:  Nannie Johnson from whom he was separated for several years; she was living in Miami

Relationships Not Identified:

Elvira Elizabeth LaFonte, Kansas City, Mo., 1213 E. 36th St.
James D. Johnson, Truman [sic], Ark.
Josephine Rice, Harrisburg, Ill.
William Logan Johnson (petitioner), Harrisburg, Ill.
Jacob Grant Johnson, Eldorado, Ill.
Elbert Johnson, Harrisburg, Ill.
Ethel Johnson (Owens)* Beasley [handwritten], Harrisburg, Ill. [
Josie Johnson Ingram, Harrisburg, Ill.
Bertha Johnson Wise, Harrisburg, Ill
Fred Johnson, Harrisburg, Ill.
Frank Johnson, Harrisburg, Ill.

*Ethel Johnson married Sanford Beasley who was John Owens' stepson; that may be why the name "Owens" was attached to Ethel

James Johnson's real estate was in my In Deeds blog.

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