06 November 2011

The Charles Couchois Estate

 The estate was listed in a record book housed at the Archives of Michigan, St. Clair County, Record of Proceedings 1835-1838:

(Page 28)  3 January 1836
Records of the Estate of Charles Couchois, late of St. Clair County, Village of Palmer, St. Clair
Joseph Minni applied for Letters of Administration

5 February 1836  Louis Cauchois protested against Joseph Mini's having Letters of Administration on the estate of his son Charles Couchois, late of the Township of St. Clair, County of St. Clair and Michigan Territory, deceased, claimed the right for himself and then prayed that David Cottrell of Cottrellville, County of St. Clair be appointed in his place and offered himself and Henry Cottrell for bail......

(Page 58) Estate of Charles Couchois, continued....

(Pages 62/63) Estate of Charles C. Couchois, Continued:
Creditors:  Henry Lake, Nahum Howard, Oliver Risor(?), Senior, Dominic Minni, John Cornnwall, J. V. M. Palmer, Naricipe Deleste, G. A. OpKeeffe, Chase and Ballard, Isaac Lester, J. L. King, J& J. Watson, Henry Cottrell, John McQueen, Peter Demarse, Michael Duchane, Samuel Ward and James Hammers also mentioned....

From Histoire des Canadiens du Michigan..... The Couchois family:
CoucHois — La famille Couchois, qui s'établit à Détroit vers 1776, descendait de Jean-Baptiste Couchois, voyageur, établi à Mackinac depuis 1725. Alexis et Louis Couchois ont continué la lignée. Jean- Baptiste Couchois, leur grand père, venait de Québec.

Was Charles Couchois a Great Lakes captain?

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