18 September 2011

Lag Tower, A Greer Ancestral Home In Scotland

From an article about modern day Greer descendants visiting in Dumfriesshire:

.. a descendant of James Grear who immigrated to Gun Powder River, Maryland in 1674, before it was the United States. He was the son of Sir James Grier(son) (c1604-1666) and Mary Browne and he was born about 1604 in Capenoch, Dumfrieshire. [Note: They are my ancestors, too]

Mr. Crawford’s tour started at the ancient Lag Tower ruins, the first home of the Griersons and the ancient seat of the Grierson clan. Lag Castle is situated on a knoll adjacent to a farmstead, beside Lagg farm, midway between Dunscore and Glenmidge in Nithsdale.

More details about the Griersons of Lag can be found in The Scottish Nation..... :

At Facebook: Grierson & McGregor Are Synonymous  (maybe, maybe not).

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