19 September 2011

Egidia Kennedy Grierson

 The working theory is that Egidia Kennedy Grierson (b. ca 505) is an ancestress.  Egidia, her sister, brothers, and parents are discussed in the information below.

From Letters From And To Charles Kirkpatrick Sharpe:

Janet Stewart had a dubious marriage with John Mure of Caldwell and had a daughter Agnes who married Patrick Montgomery.  She then married John Kennedy of Culzean and had children John, Patrick, Janet and Egidia (or Giles).  Was Janet the daughter of Alexander Stewart and Christian DouglasThis site seems to think so. 

An account here mentioned that the Griersons obtained Bargatton through Egidia Kennedy.

From History Of The Counties Of Ayr And Wigton, Volume 2:
He (George Kennedy of Balmaclanachan) married Janet, daughter of Patrick Kennedy of Bargalton and Camciscan. He and his wife were infeft in the lands of Balmaclanachan. Camciscan afterwards fell into the hands of Balmaclanachan, and was sold to Robert Wallace, son of Hugh Wallace of Cairnhill, by Lady Balmaclanachan, with consent of her husband, and her sister, Egidia, widow of John Grierson of Lag.

Note: One excerpt indicated that Egidia was the daughter of John Kennedy; according to the preceding paragraph, her father was Patrick Kennedy. 

From History of the County of Ayr:.....

We have before us the substance of the testament of "quondam Domine Jonete Stewart, Domine de Culzeane," who died on the 24 of December 1551.  She appointed as her executors, JOHN GREIR OF LAG, Patrick Kennedy, her son, and Alexander Stewart of Garrulas.

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