19 May 2011

Michael Powers - As Far Back As My Powers Line Goes

Michael Powers and Mary (McGovern) Powers' parents are not known.  The known lineage:

Michael Powers married Mary McGovern
Their son, John N. Powers, married Mary Agnes Kennedy
Their son, William S. Powers, married Addie More
Their son, Ralph N. Powers, married Beatrice Cameron
Their son, Richard N. Powers, married Living
Their daughter, Catherine [Me]

Michael and Mary were both born in Ireland, possibly County Cork, and both belonged to the Church of England.

It is not known when they immigrated to Canada, but their son, John N. Powers was born in Canada in June of 1834.  They were living in Grimsby Township, Lincoln County, Ontario [then Canada West] in 1851. 

Michael & Mary (McGovern) Powers in the 1851 Census Grimsby Twp., Lincoln Co., Ontario, Canada

1851 Census Grimsby Twp., Lincoln Co., Ontario, Canada
John N. Powers, William Powers, Margaret Powers [children of Michael and Mary]

The 1861 Lincoln, Canada West Agricultural Census lists a Michael Powers (age, etc., not noted) #11, on Concession 5, Lot #6, Roll C-1049, Page 18.  Is he our Michael Powers?  I don't know.  There was a Catherine & Michael Powers (right age, wrong family) with a son, Michael, living in Lincoln County in 1871.   Some records are kept by Concession and Lot numbers; now this property can be checked.

1861 Grimsby, Lincoln, Canada West
Michael, Mary and Margaret Powers
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Is this my Michael Powers in the 1871 Census?:
1871 Ontario Census, Wentworth North
Powers, Michael, m, 66, Ireland, c. Presb., Irish, Laborer, Married
   "     , Mary, f, 55, Ireland, Presb., Irish, Married
   "     , Margritt, f, 23, b. Ont, Presb., Irish, School Mistress?, not married

How about the 1881 census?:
 1881 Canadian Census: Petersville, Middlesex East, Ontario
 Micheal POWERS Male  M  76  Irish  Ireland  Farmer  C. Presbyterian
 Mary   67   Irish  Ireland   Religion: C. Presbyterian
 George HARRIS  Wid  30   English   Newfoundland  C. Presbyterian
 George HARRIS   <1  Ontario  C. Presbyterian   Born: Apr; 11/12

There was a Michael Powers, born about 1803, who died in London, Middlesex Co., Ontario, Canada, on 22 October 1885; possibly the person listed above in the 1881 census.  Was he ours?  A Mary Powers, born about 1810 (though birthplace listed as Scotland, not Ireland) died in Middlesex Co., Ontario, on May 8, 1893.  Ours?

I have no clue whatsoever as to what happened to William Powers, who was probably the son of Michael and Mary (and brother of my John N. Powers).  Margaret, who was also in the 1851 census with John and William, MAY have married George Harris, if her parents were living with George in the 1881 census.

My brother graciously agreed to a Y-DNA test, so it is hoped that the DNA will generate leads beyond Michael Powers. 

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