27 July 2016

Objects Of The GAR

From the Manual of the Civil War and key to the Grand Army of the Republic ...

A Boy Named Dred

Volume 23 of the Tennessee Valley Genealogical Society's publication included a story entitled "A Man Named Sam, A Boy Named Dred,". by Norman M. Shapiro, which indicated that Dred Scott once lived in Madison County, Alabama, when he was young.

According to the article, Mr. Shapiro was first aware of the Dred Scott connection to the Peter Blow family when scanning a book about Southhampton County, Virginia.  He learned that Sam Blow, later known as Dred Scott, was born near Edom in 1809...northeast of where Nat Turner resided. [See the Marker in Southampton]

In 1816 Peter Blow and slaves moved to Huntsville, Alabama, and then in 1823 moved to St. Louis, Missouri.

Deeds of Conveyance (see Madison County, Alabama, index below, for Deed Book Volume G, Page 163-165*):

Source - Madison County, Alabama, Records Center

Also in Madison County: 
Deed Book Vol G, pps 328-330, 1821
"  "  Vol H, pps 79-80  1821

*In Volume G, pps 163-165  Peter Blow provides security note for $2000 to John NS Jones
NW 1/4 of Sec 29 in Twp 3 R 1 W of Basis Meridian.  And slaves Luke, Will, a man named Sam and a boy named Dred, about age 16...a girl, Phillis, ca 17 yrs....Oakwood College now stands.

Details about the Dred Scott case are here at the Missouri Digital Heritage site.

26 July 2016

Billos In Canada West

Jacob Billo(w) in the 1851 Census, Canada West, Haldimand County, North Cayuga Township:

Jacob's wife, Catherine, and their children were on the next page:

1851 Census, Canada West, Haldimand County, North Cayuga Township

25 July 2016

Siege Of Louisburg

"William Shirley, Governor of Massachusetts, was gifted with great political sagacity. His military ability, though not of a high order, commands respect because contrasted with the obstinate adherence to traditional methods, the blundering and inefficiency of Braddock, Loudoun and Abercrombie. He clearly saw that only by the capture of Louisbourg could safety be insured New England, and, like Cato of old, he successfully impressed it upon the councils of the commonwealth that this Carthage must be destroyed. Some of the prisoners taken at Canseau, when exchanged, brought from Louisbourg reliable description of its fortifications and information that disclosed supposed vulnerable points. This fortress had been perfected in all the defences then known to military art, at a cost to France of thirty millions of livres .Over one hundred guns, mostly of heavy calibre, were mounted in the various batteries, and six months' provisions for the garrison were kept in store. An English officer familiar with the works wrote that an army assaulting them would have the same prospect of success 'as the Devils might have in storming Heaven.'" [Source]


See another map of Louisburg and vicinity circa 1745 here.

A distant Richmond relative, Sylvester Richmond participated in the Siege Of Louisburg:


As written here, "Only the mutinous condition of the garrison in the fortress made its capture possible."

24 July 2016

Heir Of John Ward Estate

Index card from the Wayne County, Michigan, Probate Court:

Probate File# 26185
Amsden, Guy R.
Weatherfield, Vermont
Heir of John Ward Estate

23 July 2016

Thomas Fowler's Descendants


Is Samantha (Fowler) Clark, born in 1788, one of them (Thomas Fowler's decendants)?  See the website for Thomas Clark descendants.  Is my Elizabeth (Fowler) Richmond (b. ca 1785) Samantha's sister?  That website tentatively identified Philander Fowler (b. 1798) as Samantha's sibling.

Elizabeth (Fowler) Richmond named her youngest daughter Samantha.  Samantha (Fowler) Clark and her husband, Thomas, lived in Conesus, Livingston County, New York, as did Elizabeth and Elijah Richmond.  Both couples also lived in neighboring Steuben County, New York.

Joseph Klopfenstein Of Sandusky Mentioned

Source [Image 161]

Lapeer Co. Michigan, Probate File 103 [Image 133]
Orin S. Shaw

Keep Of Carisbrook

Isle of Wight