23 November 2014

The James Gooch Family And Their Connections

A family tree entitled Descendants Of John Johnston provided the following information regarding James Gooch and Sarah Porter, (a couple who has ties to Jim's Coleman/Kohlmann family) :

James Johnston and Jane Greer had the following child living with them [links added]:

PARTHENIA3 THORNE [Jane Greer Johnston's niece] was born on 25 Dec 1804 in Stewart County, Tennessee. She died on 02 Sep 1876 in Robertson County, Tennessee.

She married David Alexander Gooch, son of James Gooch and Sarah Porter about 1825 in Robertson County, Tennessee. He was born on 28 Jan 1803 in North Carolina. He died before 1860.

There was a link between the Johnstons and the Bell Witch legend (there's a Bell Witch Facebook page, too).

From the Chattie Coleman Westenius book:

James Gooch and Sarah Porter had ten children.
David Alexander, born January 28, 1803.
Nicy, born November 7, 1805.
Lucinda, born August 16, 1807.
William Jefferson,born in February 1809.
Rebecca Caswell, born December 29, 1813.
Ardra Hart, born December 22, 1815.
Franklin R., born October 9, 1817.
Claiborne Shelby, born November 16, 1819.
Mary Elizabeth, born December 27, 1821.
Francis Williamson, born August 11, 1823.

22 November 2014

Hamtramck Issued Abijah Hunt's Pass To Detroit

From the Quarterly Publication of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio:

Pass issued by Lieut. Colonel Hamtranck [sic] to Abijah Hunt, merchant, in 1795, to go to Detroit; and a Permit to J. & A. Hunt to sell merchandize in the Territory, 1800; 

Memorandum of a contract between Titus Mershon and Jeremiah & Abijah Hunt, Nov. 22d, 1795, the former to deliver to the latter, at Cincinnati, merchandize at prices seemingly improbable to us of today, such as bacon, butter, cheese, each 1 shilling per pound, eggs 5)4 pence per dozen, peach brandy 9s. 4p. per gallon and whiskey 4s. 6p. per gallon, etc

21 November 2014

Mormons At DeWitt

At Nauvoo, After Dewitt

The story from Chipman's Family's Life Among The Mormons from the History of Leeds and Grenville Ontario from 1749 to 1879... (links added):

At DeWitt [Missouri] the Mormons were surrounded by a mob and threatened with extermination. The Mormons numbered about two hundred men, women and children. Skirmishing was kept up for some time, until a steamboat arrived, by which a message was dispatched to the Governor of the State, asking for protection. The Governor, whose name was Boggs, paid no attention to the message but sent word to the mob "to kill every Mormon."

A compromise was effected by which it was agreed that the heads of the Mormon Church should surrender themselves as hostages, the remainder of the Mormons to be set free. Accordingly, Brigham Young, Lee, Lyman White, Lyman P. Pratt, Austin Pratt, and others, surrendered and were incarcerated in Clay County Gaol; subsequently they were tried and acquitted.

19 November 2014

Autodidacts Among Us

An interesting infographic was sent to me via e-mail (click on the image for full effect):

True Learning is Free

Source: CheapestColleges.org

[Stephen] Grover Cleveland (featured in the infographic) was my 6th cousin 4x removed. Frederick Douglass married a descendant of John Richmond; I too am a Richmond descendant.

18 November 2014

Walsingham Moore's Father

Walsingham Moore was the son of John W. and Sarah A. (Praigg) Moore.  Sarah was the daughter of Samuel and Ann (Boden) Praigg.

From Michigan, Probate Records, Wayne Packet index 1797-1901 Millard, K.-Nash, Emory:

Moore, John W. [link added]
Probate File# 18344 [not online as of 6/1/2014]
son Walsingham Moore
Sarah A. Moore, wife and admin
892 16th street
d. 18 Nov 1892
ill with diabetes
buried in Elmwood Cemetery
no will

Fold3 - 1871 City of Detroit Directory

1880 MI Wayne Detroit
John W. MOORE Self M Male W 43 IRE Harbor Master IRE IRE
Sarah A. MOORE Wife M Female W 38 PA Keeping House PA ENL
Valsingham MOORE Son S Male W 5 MI IRE PA
Sarah A. RICHARDS Niece S Female W 23 IRE Clerk In Dry Good Store IRE IRE

Name: Walsingham Moore
Birth: 1875 in Detroit, Wayne Co., MI
Father: John W. Moore b: 1837 in Ireland
Mother: Sarah A. Praige b: Sep 1841 in Pennsylvania
Marriage 1 Jane Leahy b: Abt. 1875 in New York
Married: 30 Jan 1901 in Manhattan, New York

17 November 2014

Valentine Sevier And A Greer In Court

This post at the "Out Of The Box, Notes From The Archives," blog, featured online Chancery Records from Augusta County, Virginia.  One of the files was Valentine Sevier versus Thomas Reeves:

Chancery Records Index
Locality Index Number Original Case Number
Augusta County 1780-004 431 
Plaintiff(s) Defendant(s)

GREER was one of the surnames mentioned in the file.

16 November 2014

Mapping The DNA Roots

Just for fun.....

Source - myFTDNA - Population Finder

Continent (Subcontinent) Population Percentage Margin of Error
Europe (Western European) French, Orcadian, Spanish 91.18% ±8.88%
Europe Tuscan, Sardinian 8.82% ±8.88%

The results referenced above are based upon my brother's DNA:

My brother's Y-DNA test revealed that his predicted Haplogroup isI1(shorthand I-M253). In Britain, haplogroup I1-M253 et al is often used as a marker for "invaders," Viking or Anglo-Saxon.