28 March 2015

All Together In Flint

Ward 9, Flint, Flint City, Genesee, Michigan
[910 Ann Arbor Street]
Household Gender Age Birthplace
*Head Charles W Mason M 32 Illinois
Lodger Theodore Smith M 42 Michigan
Lodger's wife Blanche Smith F 42 Illinois
Lodger's stepson Billy W Morgan M 16 Arkansas
Lodger's stepdaughter Phyliss A Morgan F 10 Michigan
Lodger's stepfather Alonzo Logan M 54 Missouri
Lodger's stepbrother Robert Logan M 20 Arkansas
Lodger Elaine Pierce F 22 Illinois
Lodger's son Billy F Pierce M 3 Michigan
Lodger's son James J Pierce M 1 Michigan

*Charles W. Mason's mother was Pearl Johnson.  Pearl married 2nd Alonzo Logan; Robert Logan was the son of Pearl and Alonzo.  Pearl died on 23 December 1934.

Blanche Smith was Pearl's sister and Theodore was Blanche's 2nd husband.  Billy W. Morgan was Blanche's son by her 1st husband.  Phyliss was Blanche's daughter by her 1st marriage.  Elaine was Blanche's daughter; Billy Pierce and James Pierce were Elaine's sons.

Flint, Genesee, Michigan
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Head Alonzo L Logan M 44 Missouri
Wife Pearl Logan F 41 Illinois
Son Robert E Logan M 9 Arkansas
*Stepson Charles W Mason M 22 Illinois
Stepson James D Mason M 16 Illinois
Stepdaughter Mabel E Mason F 15 Illinois
Lodger Mabel Ferrel F 36 Illinois
Lodger Charles T Ferrel M 13 Illinois
Lodger Vernelia W Ferrel F 9 Illinois
Lodger Billy L Ferrel M 2 Illinois
Lodger Charles Norris M 25 Arkansas

26 March 2015

Brother Jonathan Trumbull


"...the fame of the family must still rest, as its most enduring monument, on the patriot Governor of Connecticut whose nickname of 'Brother Jonathan,' affectionately given him by Washington, will ever stand as the prototype of American manhood and patriotism."  [Source]

Some data about the English Trumbles / Trumbulls can be found here and here.

25 March 2015

Some Of The Connecticut Library's Online Resources

Databases at the Connecticut State Library include Wethersfield Prison Records (excerpt below):

BostwickJohn H.SalisburyLitchfieldmanslaughterseven years1/27/1870
BowesJohnThomastownLitchfieldthefttwo years5/23/1879
BoyntonJohntransientHartfordforgeryone year, six months6/13/1823
BrooksJohnHartfordHartfordmurder in the second degreelife3/20/1868
BrownJohnDe Wolf, GeorgetransientTollandmurder in the second degreeTurner, Annlife11/1/1849

Their list of history and genealogy links here and a link to their digital collections here.

24 March 2015

Last Meal At The New Franklin Hotel

From a history of Crawford County, Michigan:

"Last meal in New Franklin Hotel, Johannesburg, 1910.  Back of old print lists Pollie Thomas, John Norman, George Hansen, L. Rasmussen, Pearl Cleveland and Mary Bole.  John Rasmussen sold hotel to Johannesburg Manufacturing Co."

In 1900 John Rasmussen was a hotel proprietor in Crawford County, Michigan:

Census  1900
Grayling township (north side), Crawford, Michigan
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
John Rasmusson Head M 39 Denmark
Gristine Rasmusson Wife F 41 Denmark
Robert W Rasmusson Son M 12 Michigan
Frederick Rasmusson Son M 10 Michigan
Ludvig Rasmusson Son M 7 Michigan
Edith Sawter Servant F 22 Michigan
Martha Torichel Servant F 17 Germany
Katie Smith Servant F 19 Michigan
Nettie Baily Servant F 28 Michigan
Bridget Clune Servant F 40 Ireland
Dora Gleson Servant F 32 Michigan
John Benson Servant M 32 Sweden
Charles A Patullor Manager M 29 Pennsylvania
Amos Spalding Clerk M 24 Michigan
Danial Squires  Boarder M 60 Pennsylvania
Jerome Bucher Boarder M 42 Michigan
Mike Corbellot Boarder M 28 Ireland
Patrick Oconnor Boarder M 42 Michigan
John T Green Boarder M 22 Michigan
James Gleeson  Boarder M 25 Canada

Jim's grandmother, Hazel V. (Smith) Palm married, as her 2nd husband, Ludwig Rasmussen (thought to be in the photo above).

23 March 2015

Phineas Lyman And The Lyman Colony

After the war Lyman, a major general..."was one of the first of the Anglo Saxon race who attempted a settlement in the present limits of Mississippi."  "He visited England as the agent for an association, called the "Military Adventurers," whose design was the colonization of a tract of country upon the Mississippi." [Source]

"...Phineas Lyman (1716-1775) [was] a brave officer of provincial troops during the French and Indian war. "He concentrated between five and six thousand troops on the upper waters of the Hudson, built Fort Edward [originally Fort Lyman], and there awaited the arrival of his commander-in-chief, General William Johnson, who was to lead the provincials against the French on Lake Champlain." "In the severe battle...General Lyman bore the most conspicuous part, and yet Johnson, jealous of his merits, withheld praise."

"He [Phineas Lyman] returned [from England] in 1774, and at about that time, a tract of land having been granted, in the Mississippi and Yazoo country, he went thither, with his eldest son. Both died in "West Florida," in 1775, and the following year, his wife [Eleanor Dwight Lyman] and all her family, except her second son, went thither. She soon died; and a few years afterward, difficulties with the Spaniards caused the whole company of settlers, near Natchez, to fly for their safety across the country, a thousand miles, to Savannah." 

"The history of General Lyman's family is a melancholy one.  He died at the age of fifty-nine years, a victim of ingratitude and injustice."  [Source]

22 March 2015

Eliza Whistler Curtis, Struck By Lightning

Fox River (General Vicinity Of Fort Howard Where Mrs. Curtis Was Killed)


"...Mrs. Daniel [Eliza Whistler] Curtis (wife of Captain Curtis, U.S.A.) was killed by lightning three months before, while alone in the house with her three little children. When her neighbors discovered her lying dead on the floor, her babe lay asleep in the cradle, and her two little children were at the table eating; a fourth child was at school.  Mrs. Curtis was a grandmother of the wife of Gen. Phil Sheridan."

21 March 2015

Death By Duel

From Obituaries In Early Tennessee Newspapers  1794-1851 (links added):

Gooch, Capt John A, died in Centerville on 7th inst of a pistol ball shot by Robert Trimble...Cumberland Repository (Saturday, March 21, 1807)

The Western Kentucky Genealogy Blog has additional information about this incident.