29 April 2016

The Reverend Beverly F. Carradine


Rev. B. Carradine's son, William Reed Carradine, married Genevieve Richmond.  William and Genevieve were the parents of John Carradine, the actor, (born Richmond Reed Carradine) and the grandparents of the other Carradine actors in the family.

28 April 2016

Mrs. Howard In The Burleigh Fonds

Related to our Howard family?

Source - The Herbert Clarence Burleigh Fonds

This blog has more about the Burleigh fonds.

Wisconsin And Mrs.McClellan's Mother

Scene In Wisconsin


Names mentioned:

Mrs. Emmeline S. Whitney
Mrs. Randolph B. Marcy [mother of Mrs. McClellan]
Captain Robert E. Clary [wife]

More about Randolph B. Marcy and family:


27 April 2016

Daniel Murphy In The Panama Canal Zone

United States, Panama Canal... Sailing lists, 1905-1937, Service record cards, box 27, 1904-1920:


1920 MI  Wayne Co., Highland Park / ED 694, p. 5A &6
MURPHY, Daniel A., 45, 1888 Na
   "  , Mary F., wife, MI  IRE  IRE
  '   , James F., son, 13, MI  Can MI
  "  , Marie S., dau, 12, 
  "  , Leo J., son, 11
  "  , Lorena, dau, 5 or 6, Panama Canal Zone
  "  , Daniel A., son, 4, Panama Canal Zone

25 April 2016

Andrew Hynes' Probate

Spring In The South

Ohio Probate Records, 1789-1996  Hamilton Wills 1801-1863... (Image 311):

Andrew Hynes
Late of Nashville, Davidson, Tennessee
Will Recorded: 28 December 1849
Will Recorded (Deceased): 25 April 1851

...farm in Louisiana...set slaves free...Stone Fort property in Coffee County...saw mill with Garretts...land in Louisiana adjoining John Terrell?...lots in Cincinnati....land in Hickman County, Kentucky...

Daughter, Mary Jane McCreary
Son William Rose Hynes
Grandson Andrew Hynes Ewing
(my only remaining) Sister, Mrs. Polly Thompson, of Kentucky
niece, Charlotte Shultz, formerly Charlotte Crutcher, residing at Elizabethtown, Hardin County, Kentucky

Andrew Hynes papers, 1814-1951 | Louisiana Research Collection and his papers in a document.

24 April 2016

Estate Of A. E. King

Lapeer County, Michigan
Estate of A. E. King

Source [Image 552]

John O. Bancroft, Petition To Become Administrator Of Estate

Source [Heirs, Image 548 Also See Image 527]
Harrison King, Brother, Lapeer County, Michigan
Lovina Walton, Sister, Oakland County, Michigan
Fanny Matterson, Sister, Wisconsin
Lorene Tripp (Heir of Annis Fisher, Sister), Lapeer County, Michigan
Linus Fisher, " "    " "
Henry Fisher, ", Kansas
James Fisher, ", Lapeer County, Michigan
Sarah E. King, Widow, Almont, Lapeer County, Michigan

No Children

Image 538

Image 509 And Image 504

23 April 2016

Mrs. Quisenberry, Booth And Iturbide

An excerpt from  Genealogical memoranda of the Quisenberry family...

After the assassination of President Lincoln, in April, 1865, by John Wilkes Booth, the assassin and his confederate, Herold, fled together, and at Port Tobacco, Maryland, they crossed the Potomac in a boat, for which [John Wilkes] Booth paid twenty dollars in gold, and landed in Virginia on the farm of a man named Bryan, a near neighbor of Mrs. Quisenberry's.

She [Mrs. Elizabeth Rousby Quisenberry] was the daughter of a Mr. Green, of Rosedale, an estate between Washington and its suburb of Tenallytown. Her sister [Alice] had married the son of the Emperor Iturbide, of Mexico, and Mrs. Quisenberry's nephew [Don Augustin De Iturbide] was, at the very time Booth stopped at this house, a protege, and perhaps adopted son, of the Emperor Maximillian.

Don Augustin De Iturbide 

This little incident seems to connect, in some measure, the fates of two distinguished men, one of whom speedily followed the other to a violent death.