01 August 2014

Augustus Emerson Babcock, Minor

Michigan, Probate Records, Wayne Probate packets:

Augustus E. Babcock, Minor
William J. Babcock, Guardian
File #5424 [Image 959]

6 June 1863

New York, State Census, 1875
Brighton, Monroe, New York, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
James M Babcock M 73
Wife Eliddia A Babcock F 64
Son William J Babcock M 41
Grandson Emmerson Babcock M 12
Daughter Julia W Babcock F 33
Niece Mary F Jackson F 42
Servant Catherine W Jones F 21
Daughter of Servant Bella Jones F 4

United States Census, 1880
Brighton, Monroe, New York, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
Self James Babcock M 78 New York
Wife Lydia Babcock F 68 New York
Son William Babcock M 42 New York
Daughter Julia Babcock F 32 New York
Grandson Augustin Babcock M 17 New York
Other Louisa Satoris F 19 Germany

From the SAR Magazine:

Not related; no further information.

31 July 2014

Sarah Backus's Illustrious Family

Sarah (Whiting) Backus Ingersoll was the daughter of Gamaliel Whiting and sister of General John Whiting and the wife of John Backus. The biographical information about Sarah was found in The story of Laura Secord and Canadian reminiscences; Sarah was Laura Secord's step-mother.  The marriage between John Backus and Sarah Whiting ended in divorce.

Mrs. Sarah Backus had one daughter (Nancy Backus) by her first husband, who married Mr. McKinstry. In 1850 David and Nancy (Backus) McKinstry were living in Ypsilanti, Michigan. David McKinstry died in 1856.

Nancy (Backus) McKinstry's daughter-in-law, Mrs. Mary McKinstry, died in Cairo, Egypt*.

*Michigan In Brief
Date: Friday, March 10, 1876   Paper: Jackson Citizen Patriot (Jackson, MI)
"Mrs. Mary McKinstry, of Detroit, died at Cairo, Egypt, Thursday last.  Her worldly possessions in and about her home are estimated at a million."  Mary was the widow of Commodore James Paterson McKinstry, and was the daughter-in-law of Nancy (Backus) McKinstry... .

Brief bios of David and Nancy (Backus) McKinstry's son, Elisha Williams McKinstry, and Elisha's son, James C. McKinstry, were listed in A National Register of the Society, Sons of the American Revolution, Volume 1.

[Edward] Elisha Williams McKinstry was an Associate Justice on the California Supreme Court. He was born in 1825 in Detroit, Michigan, and attended Kenyon College and Columbia Law School.  He, his wife, his son James, daughters Laura and Frances, his mother-in-law and a servant were all living together in San Francisco in 1900.   Elisha died November 1, 1901.

In 1880 the E. Elisha McKinstry family was living in Oakland, California:

United States Census, 1880
name : Edward Mc Kinstry
Oakland, Alameda, California, United States
occupation : Associate Judge
birthplace : Michigan, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
self Edward Mc Kinstry M 55  Michigan, United States
wife Anna Mc Kinstry F 33 New York, United States
daughter Laura Mc Kinstry F 15 California, United States
son Charles Mc Kinstry M 13 California, United States
son Clarence Mc Kinstry M 12 California, United States
brother-in-law Charles Heges M 57 New York, United States
sister-in-law Anna Heges F 46 New York, United States
other  Loy M 25 China

Another son of David and Nancy (Backus) McKinstry was West Point graduate Justus A. McKinstry (see photo).  James Paterson McKinstry, a naval officer, was also their son.

29 July 2014

My Kennedy Lineage

Me, daughter of
Richard N. Powers, son of
Ralph N. Powers, son of
William S. Powers, son of 
Mary Agnes Kennedy, daughter of
David Kennedy
the son of  ????

I was born and raised in Michigan, as was my father and grandfather.  William S. Powers was born 27 August 1859, in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada, to John and Mary Agnes (Kennedy) Powers.  Mary Agnes Kennedy was born December 1834 in Canada.  It is unknown when and where David Kennedy was born [I started looking for David's children's records (census, death records, etc.) for that information].

A Kennedy cousin sent a copy of David Kennedy's probate documents (from a previous blog post):

David Kennedy, Yeoman, Will - Dec'd 3 Nov 1854 Of Harwich Twp., Kent Co. [Ontario, Canada] Mentions:
David John Hughes of St. Thomas, Elgin Co., Canada
James Farley " "
Warren Clouse of Town of Niagara, Lincoln Co.
Widow: Ann Kennedy
Eldest Son: Wilbur Kennedy
Sureties: Asa Howard of St. Thomas, Elgin Co., & John Wells, of St. Thomas, Elgin Co.

A report of David Kennedy's fatal accident was reported in the Western Planet, Chatham, Canada West, Wed. Nov. 8, 1854.

During the storm which took place on the evening of the 31st, alt. Two men, one named William Early, the other David Kennedy, were killed instantly by the fall of a tree, about half way between Troy Mills and Blenheim Village.  Clarity forbids any remarks concerning Kennedy. 

What other relevant information could be found in various editions of this newspaper?

Where was the family in 1851 (in a missing Harwich Twp. census?)?  The 1851 census has a category for the enumerated person's birthplace (where was David born; Canada or Scotland or...?).

After David's death, his widow, Ann lived in Grimsby and was enumerated in the 1861, 1871 and 1881 censuses there.

Did David and/or Ann Kennedy own land in Grimsby, Harwich Twp., etc.?

Who were David Kennedy's parents?  There was a prominent Kennedy family in the Niagara area, but it is not known if there is a connection between David and those Kennedys.

Perhaps DNA will provide some answers.....

28 July 2014

An 1893 Suicide Shocker

Just a sad story from the Coshocton newspaper, The Democratic Standard, published 28 July 1893:

A shocking suicide occurred at Port Washington, O., last Tuesday afternoon. In a fit of despondency Mrs. Ireland hung herself with a rope, one end of which she fastened to a chandelier in the room where the rash act was committed. She was dead when discovered. She had been parted from her husband for about three years, since which time she has made her home with an uncle, Mr. Wm. Kline, at Port Washington. She leaves a young daughter.

Not related; no further information.

27 July 2014

26 July 2014

Barney Dissatisfied With The Government


To the Honorable the Delegates of the United States of America in Congress assembled The Memorial of Joshua Barney most respectfully sheweth

That your Memorialist hath served four years as a Lieutenant in the Navy in the Service of America dur-
ing fifteen months of which Time he hath been a Prisoner with the Enemy That he hath borne that Rank
on Board a Ship having more than twenty guns and is at present directed to take the Rank of first Lieu-
tenant on board the Saratoga a vessel of inferior force. That by a Resolve of your Honours the pay of Officers are reduced in proportion to his Reduction in point of Rank on Board the Vessels of several force. That two Years Pay is due to your Petitioner for his former services which in the present depreciated state of the Currency is not worth his acceptance. That Application hath been made to the Board of Admiralty and no Satisfaction can be obtained from that Quarter without an Order from your Honours. He therefore prays your Honours would fix his Rank and ascertain the pay he shall receive &c. &c.

Philad/a July 26, 1780.

A 1782 Naval Encounter here.