21 September 2014

First Mill In Ohio

..."Wolf Creek Mills in 1789," about a mile above its junction with the Muskingum... 

20 September 2014

Campaign For Chattanooga

Battle Of Lookout Mountain (Photo By Jim)

The model in relief [not shown] embraces a territory 11 by 16 miles.  Lookout Mountain is in the western section.

Jim's Photo

The Campaign For Chattanooga:

This territory of 176 square miles includes the battlefields of Chickamauga and Chattanooga, each covering three days' operations, and the minor affairs of Wauhatchie and Brown's ferry, by which Hooker's forces from the east, with cooperating troops from Chattanooga, reopened the river line of supplies to Bridgeport.

The battle of Chickamauga, which was Rosecrans's battle for the possession of the roads to Chattanooga and the city itself, occupied three days. September 18, 1863, and the night of that day were devoted by each army to obtaining position, and involved only skirmishing, some of it heavy, at various points.  The 19th and 20th were days of continuous and desperate battle.

My ancestor, Captain James A. Rice, of the 73rd Illinois, was shot and captured at Chickamauga on September 20, 1863.

See blog post Securing Lookout Valley.

19 September 2014

Clements In The Bostwick Book

My Dad's first cousin, M. George Allen, was a Bostwick descendant through the Allens, not George's Powers (maternal) side. My Dad's Clement first cousins were related to Dad through his mother, Beatrice (Cameron) Powers.  The Bostwicks and the Clements merged (again?) when Charlotte Crysler, a Bostwick descendant, married Lewis M. Clement.

Genealogy of the Bostwick Family in America: The Descendants of Arthur ...

Children of Lewis M. and Charlotte Eliza (Crysler) Clement:

From the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum, a biography of Lewis Metzler Clement:

"On September 24, 1786, L.M. Clement's grandfather, Col. Lewis Clement, was born in Niagara to John and Mary (Ball) Clement. Like his father, he was also a devoted loyalist to the Crown. In 1806, Lewis Clement, then nineteen, married sixteen-year old Margaret Crysler and six years later their son, Ralph Morden Clement, was born on January 9, 1812."

"In 1836, Ralph Morden Clement married Charlotte Amanda Metzler and the next year the first of their seven children, Lewis Metzler Clement, was born in Niagara-on-Lake. In 1840 the family moved to nearby St. Catherines, Ontario...".  "...on February 1st, 1858...Charlotte Eliza Crysler married her cousin, Lewis M. Clement, at St. George's Church in St. Catherines."

18 September 2014

Another Post About Looking For John Johnson's Roots

Searching for a man named John Johnson who was born somewhere in Georgia about 1793 is a project I've shied away from.  It looms larger when I'm in Georgia for weeks at a time.  Will I ever be able to identify John's parents?  Here's my first post about looking for John Johnson's roots.

John Johnson was born ca 1793 in Georgia.  He married Polly Greer, whose family was from Greene County, Georgia.  Was he in Pulaski County, Georgia?  There was one Johnson in the extracted information of early Pulaski County will books; not a name currently associated with my Johnson family (Matinza Johnson). Perhaps Greene County is a better place to concentrate.

The Johnsons also lived in Wilson County, Tennessee.  Moved to Illinois between 1829 and 1832 based upon the birthplace of their children.

They were in Eagle Precinct, Gallatin County, Illinois, by 1850, probably between 1829 and 1832 based upon the ages and birthplace of John and Polly (Greer) Johnson's children Elizabeth and Lucy. 

United States Census, 1850

Eagle, Gallatin, Illinois, United States
Household Gender Age Birthplace
John Johnson M 56 Georgia
Mary Johnson F 57 Virginia
Elijah Johnson M 15 Illinois
Nancy J Johnson F 12 Illinois
James Johnson M 10 Illinois
Martin Johnson M 9 Illinois
Rebecca Greer  F 70 Virginia

United States Census, 1840
name: John Johnson
residence: Equality, Gallatin, Illinois
page number: 22
nara publication number: M704
nara roll number: 60
film number: 0007642
digital folder number: 004411225
image number: 00633

17 September 2014

M. George Allen's Bostwick Family

Genealogy of the Bostwick Family in America: ...:

M. George Allen, my Dad's cousin was the last person listed (5th generation):

Source - Powers & Palm Tree
The Bostwicks were part of George's paternal line.  Since we connect on his maternal line (Powers), we are not directly related to this family.

16 September 2014

Died In Florida Battle


J.W. S. McNeil, of the 2nd Regiment of Dragoons.  He was killed in the 21st year of his age in battle with the Indians of Florida on the morning of the 16th of September, 1837, by Uchee Billy, a chief of the Seminoles.  He was the son of Gen. John McNeil, of New Hampshire--late of the U.S. Army, and grandson of the late Governor Pierce of the same state.

From the Graveyard Rabbit of Moultrie Creek blog:

You are looking at the southwest corner of the St. Augustine National Cemetery.  The marble slab on the ground in the corner is plot 1 and contains the remains of Lieut. Stephen Tuttle.  The nearer slab is plot 4 and contains the remains of John Winfield Scott McNeil.

15 September 2014

Tower Family In The 1894 Census

Archives of Michigan
Microfilm Reel Number 1941
Residence Year  1894
County Montcalm
Township Cato

1894 | Montcalm, Cato | 1360 at SeekingMichigan:

*Tower, Ezra | Male | Husband | 51 | 9
Tower, Hannah | Female | Wife | 41 | 10
Tower, George | Male | Son | 10 | 11
Tower, Frank | Male | Son | 8 | 12
Tower, Bessie | Female | Daughter | 5 | 13
Tower, Nellie | Female | Daughter | 1 | 14

*He was enumerated as a U.S. Soldier during the Civil War
24 -- # of years within the State [Michigan] [Born in PA]
51 -- # of years in the United States

Hannah was born in Ohio; her parents were born in Virginia.  She has spent 41 years in the United States with 39 or 37 years in Michigan.

14 September 2014

Walter Pelton And A Coldwater Connection

From Genealogy of the Pelton Family:

Walter Hilliard Pelton...lived in Buckland, Massachusetts; thence to Leeds Corners, New York, thence to Mascow, New York and then to Mount Morris, Livingston County, New York, and then to Coldwater, Micigan (1852 - 1866).  He died in Girard, [Branch County] Michigan, September 14, 1876.

He married, 3rd, Eunice* Bassett, widow of Schofield Bassett, and daughter of John Osborn, of the State of New York.  *This one? [Probably; Eunice had a daughter, Rosina Bassett.  There was a Rose Jones [Rosina Bassett?] who was born in Michigan, living in Titusville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania.  It was stated that Eunice, widow of Walter Pelton, was living in Titusville with her daughter, Rose Jones.]