23 June 2016

Marching From Murfreesboro

Abandoned Mill In Middle Tennessee

The Campaign For Chattanooga (The Middle Tennessee Campaign):

Marching from Murfreesboro, Triune, and Franklin on the 23d of June, 1863, General Rosecrans moved against Bragg, who was strongly fortified at Shelbyville and Tullahoma, his lines also occupying various gaps—Hoovers, Liberty, Bellbuckle, Guys, and others—in a range of rough, rocky hills that covered the position of his infantry, which extended from Shelbyville to Wartrace.

Source: Portrait Of General Bragg

Bragg's cavalry was thrown well north of Duck River, and extended from McMinnville on the east to Spring Hill on the west. Folk's corps was at Shelbyville; Hardens headquarters was at Wartrace, and his troops held Hoovers, Liberty, and Bellbuckle gaps.

See blog post Securing Lookout Valley (part of the Campaign for Chattanooga).

22 June 2016

Great-Aunt Ruth

Ruth E. Johnson was raised by her aunt, Bertie (Rice) Powers, after Ruth's mother, Katie (Rice) Johnson died around the time of Ruth's birth. Four-year-old Ruthie Johnson was living in the Jasper and Bertie Powers household in 1910 and was properly identified as their niece.  In 1920 Ruth was enumerated in the census as the daughter of the childless couple.

In 1930 Ruth and her husband at the time, W. Homer Paschall, were living in Pontiac, Michigan, with their three-year-old daughter, Patricia.  Ruth went to Michigan for a temporary nursing assignment that turned into a permanent change in her life. Other changes included a divorce and a marriage to Gilbert Smith.

Part of Patricia's childhood was spent dividing her time between living with Bertie, her mother's guardian, in Illinois, and living with her mother in Michigan.  I do not remember ever meeting Ruth, but I did get a chance to visit with Patricia.  Ruth's sister, Katie (Johnson) Garrett Daniel (my grandmother), occasionally flew from Texas, stopped by my childhood home, and then went to visit her siblings in Michigan, including Ruth.

Ruth died in 1964 and was Ottawa Park Cemetery according to her memorial at FindAGrave.

It would be helpful to know what month and day was Ruth born and where was she born (Illinois or Arkansas), in order to find out more about Ruth's mother (my great-grandmother), Katie (Rice) Johnson.

William Howard Of Elizabethtown

Note: I do not believe this is our William Howard.

The list of microfilm online at the Library and Archives Canada where the petitions can be found is here.

Name: HOWARD, William
Place: Elizabethtown
Year: 1802
Volume: 225
Bundle: H 6
Petition: 4 [Image 134]
Microfilm: C-2045
Reference: RG 1 L3
Matthew Howard's son

Name: Howard, William
Place: Elizabethtown
Year: 1799
Volume: 251A
Bundle: H Misc. 1797-1820
Petition: 50
Microfilm: C-2107
Reference: RG 1 L3
[Image 645]
Son of Matthew Howard

Connection To The Dejarnetts


Marrymiah Dejarnett Hinds was found in an article in The William and Mary quarterly, Volume 25.

Other connections between the Dejarnetts and the McGeehees.  A connection between the Acklen/Vance/McGehee families was explained here in a message board post.

Also see the blog post focused on Marrymiah Dejarnett.