26 May 2016

Burmeister Probate File# 2608 1/2

Source [Image 111]

Macomb County, Michigan, Deed [Image 124]
Wilhelm and Mary Kneips, Grantors
John Burmaster, Grantee
30 April 1855

Letter of Administration to Dorthea Burmaster, 26 May 1856

Petition for appointment of an adminstrator....John Burmaster, late of Grosse Pointe, [Wayne County, Michigan]...[died] 19 April 1856....widow [petitioner, Dorthea Burmaster], Sophia, age 13, John, age 10, Frederick, age 6, minors and heirs-at-law....

25 May 2016

Harriet Backus Married John C. Culver

Rochester and Monroe County, New York, Library:

RDD is the Rochester Daily Democrat; RGLA is the Rochester Gem and Ladies' Amulet.

Harriet was my 3rd great grand aunt.

23 May 2016

Bragg Occupied Chattanooga

Tennessee River In Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Campaign For Chattanooga (The Middle Tennessee Campaign):

By brilliant strategy...the Army of the Cumberland, with its 9 divisions, consisting of 20 brigades, operating through nine days of continuous rain, maneuvered Bragg, with his 7 divisions, composed of 23 brigades, out of his natural and artificial strongholds, and forced him across the Tennessee.

At the close of the Tullahoma campaign Bragg occupied Chattanooga and the mountain passes above and below it.  Rosecrans's army lay along the western base of the Cumberland Mountains, its right above Winchester and its left at McMinnville.

22 May 2016

In Pursuit Of Booth -- L. B. Baker's Testimony

Source - The Daily Inter-Ocean, December 24, 1887 

Impeachment Investigation: Testimony Taken Before the Judiciary Committee ...By United States. Congress. House. Committee on the Judiciary:

Washington, D. C., Wednesday, May 22, 1867.
L. B. [Luther Byron] Baker sworn and examined.

"Q. Where do you reside?"
"A. Lansing, Michigan."

"Q. Were you one of the party in pursuit of Booth?"
"A. I was."

20 May 2016

Items From Kirkland Barker's Probate File

Michigan, Probate Records, Wayne Probate packets 1875...:

Wayne County, Michigan
Probate File #7729
Kirkland Barker

R.A. Alger was a partner in Barker's tobacco business.

"...departed this life by drowning in Detroit River in front of said Grosse Isle Thursday the
Twentieth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy-five leaving no last Will and Testament...".

The stockholders of K. C. Barker & Co.(Image 137) included Russell A. Alger.