25 November 2015

Washington's Body-Guard


Diah Manning (b. 1760) married in 1784, Anna Gifford, daughter of James and Susanna Hubbard Gifford. He was for many years the bell-ringer of Norwich Town and a famous drummer as well. Both he and his brother, Roger, served as drummers during the Revolutionary war. In 1775 Roger was in Col. Israel Putnam's regiment, and Diah in the Eighth regiment under Col. Jedediah Huntington. At Valley Forge, in 1778, both the brothers were among the picked men chosen to serve in Washington's body-guard.

23 November 2015

Richard Suggett - Probate File #5782

Probate File #5782 [Image 916]

Suggett, Richard
Died: 24 October 1868
Canton,Wayne County, Michigan
Wife: Elizabeth (Deceased)
Inventory [Image 945]

Suggett, William, Canton, Wayne Co., Mi.
"  , George, Cedar Springs, Kent Co., Mi.
"  , James,   "   "
Sterling, Ann, Canton, Wayne Co., Mi.
Darling, Charlotte, Cedar Springs, Kent Co., Mi.
Rosselter, Mary (Deceased) has 2 or 3 children near Chicago, Il.

Receipt for tombstones for Richard Suggett as well as his wife and child [Image 1020]

Event Type: Census  1860
Town Of Canton, Wayne, Michigan
Birth Year (Estimated): 1800
Birthplace: England
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Richard Suggett M 60 England
Elesebeth Suggett F 50 England
Charlotte Suggett F 19 Michigan
James Suggett M 6 Michigan
Sarah Suggett F 4 Michigan

Event Type: Census 1850
Canton, Wayne, Michigan
Age: 50
Race: White
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Richard Suggit M 50 England
Elizabeth Suggit F 40 England
William Suggit M 18 Michigan
Mary Suggit F 16 Michigan
Ann Suggit F 12 Michigan
Charlotte Suggit F 9 Michigan
George Suggit M 6 Michigan

22 November 2015

Selina J. (Gould) Hall's Estate

Michigan, Probate Records,Wayne Packet index...:

Probate File# 20803
Gould, Albert J.
Brother of Selina J. Hall (nee Gould) Estate
Allegheny County, Pennsylvania

Census 1850
McKeesport, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Danield Gold M 28 Pennsylvania
Jane Gold F 28 Virginia
Margaret Gold F 2 Pennsylvania
John A Gold M 0 Pennsylvania
Eliza Jane Gold F 11 Pennsylvania

1860 PA Census, McKeesport, Allegheny Co.
Household Role Gender Age Birthplace
Daniel Gold M 40 Wales
Jane W Gold F 40 Virginia
Sabina Gold F 16 Virginia
Margaret A Gold F 13 Virginia
Albert J Gold M 10 Virginia
Joseph W Gold M 8 Virginia
Martha A Gold F 5 Virginia
Daniel Gold M 0 Virginia

21 November 2015

The Andrew Wiseman Estate

Ohio, Probate Records, Marion Journals 1852-1869...:

21 November 1854
Certificate of Anna Maria Wiseman
Marion County, Ohio
Court Appointed George Ruehl, Administrator

19 November 2015

The "Canny Scot"

Source [Scot In Scotland] Page 107


God fearing, justice loving, and true-hearted men and women were they all. No crime was known among them, and even petty offenses were reduced to a minimum under the influence of their strong but narrow

There was the same combination of freedom of thought and bigotry, reason and superstition, hospitality and "nearness," frankness and concealment, which characterizes the Scot in other lands. Sturdy in thought,
resolute in action, firm in the faith, content with what God gave them... .

...I was led to notice in some degree the influence of Scotsmen, with training in Scottish thought, Scottish faith, and years of Scottish inheritance, in molding the new nation into form and giving it character and tone for all time to come. It is doubtful whether any nationality has had so great an influence in forming, fostering, sustaining, and expanding the American Republic as has the "Canny Scot." 

18 November 2015

Descendants of Keziah Acklin & William Woods

A Tennessee Valley

Keziah Acklin (1778 - 1820) was the daughter of Christopher and Christian (Black) Acklin of Abingdon, Virginia.

Keziah Acklin married William Woods (1771 - 1848).  After their 9 June 1796 marriage at Abingdon, Washington Co., Virginia, they had 11 children.  At some point (probably between 1806 and 1809) the Woods family moved near Maryville, Tennessee.  After Keziah's death, William remarried and moved to Indiana.  William had 3 more children with his 2nd wife, Mrs. Mary (Hanna) Brown: Alfred Campbell Woods (b. 1821), Woodford Anderson Woods (b. 1824) and Nancy Jane Woods (b. 1827).

Their children included:

1.  Christopher Acklin Woods, b. 1797 m. Jane Thompson on Oct. 5, 1819, in Blount Co., TN

2.  William Washington Woods

3.  Joseph B. Woods

4.  James Vance Acklin Woods

5.  Mary Hannah Woods

6.  Elizabeth Woods

7.  John Alexander Woods

8.  Christy Black Woods

9.  Keziah Woods

10. Louise Caroline Woods

11. Infant

Keziah (Acklin) Woods is the sister of my presumed 4th great-grandmother, Elizabeth (Acklin) Hinds.