21 March 2011

Researching Abraham Howard, Surgeon

Over a year ago a gentleman named David noticed my interest in Abraham Howard*, a surgeon in the British Royal Navy, and thought that perhaps we had a match and sent me a copy of Abraham Howard's will (Coincidentally, I had already obtained a copy).  That really sparked my interest.  What did David know that I didn't?

David first sent this copy of a family originally named Hoard now Howard (see online here) and commented that:

"The pedigree I sent you was published by William Smith Ellis (1817-1890), an English barrister and antiquarian.  He was descended from another branch of the family and I think he must have gathered much of his information from surviving family members."

 The relevant portion:

 "Abraham Howard, Surgeon in the Army. Ob. in America, Feb. 1794.  [Married] Relict of Dr. Ross.  Died in America."
A search for Dr. Ross revealed information that eliminated (Charles) Abraham Howard as my ancestor. 

From History Of Medicine In New Jersey:

 Also from the History of Medicine in New Jersey is a brief bio of Alexander Ross and his wife, Sarah.  Additional information about this couple can be found here

Excerpts from my previous research concerning Abraham Howard is below:
 *05 March 2007

William Howard was born in England and died in Canada. His father was supposedly a surgeon in the Royal Navy who was "slain" in North America at the "commencement of the war."

William Howard IS our ancestor ---
His father MIGHT be Abraham Howard….
His father MIGHT be an UNKNOWN Howard, a Surgeon in the Royal Navy
His father DIED between approximately 1775 and ?

The late John Young named Abraham Howard as William's father. John died before I could determine how confident he was about the identity of William Howard’s father.  He also listed a date and place of birth for William Howard – 28 Nov 1773 in Ringwood, Hampshire, England [source: {FHC} Film # 0994051 Ringwood parish registers, 1561-1840 Church of England].

For additional family details, see my WorldConnect database and my blog about Mary (Mrs. William) Howard.

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