21 March 2011

English Will of Abraham Howard

I purchased the will of Abraham Howard (below) several years ago from the National Archives in England, and it's been sitting in my files. 

David, with whom I've corresponded about the will, sent what he has transcribed of the will (21 March 2011):

Wishes that his body "may be interred ... in the vault in Eton church yard wherein the remains of my late dear wife Mary Howard and several of our children and grandchildren now are deposited"

... bequeath to my eldest son Thomas Howard all my instruments of surgery books and every other thing appertaining to my practice or profession of a surgeon and apothecary as also my silver pint mug which was my late father Mr John Howard's and has my crest on it and also my large cedar chest with brass ornaments which was likewise my said fathers ...

mentions his four children, Sancta Maria Freeman, Elizabeth, Abraham and Thomas Howard. And nine grandchildren. 

Thank you, David

Another researcher may be related to this Abraham Howard -- he's not mine.

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