08 February 2011

Woodbridge Family In Marietta Ohio's Mound Cemetery

Found in the Mound Cemetery of Marietta, Washington County, Ohio:

#22 On The Mound Cemetery Map - Judge Dudley Woodbridge

From History of New London County, Connecticut:
...his (Elijah Backus') three sons and his son-in-law Dudley Woodbridge were among the first to the banks of the Ohio. James Backus, the youngest son, as agent of the Ohio Company made the surveys of Marietta and is said to have built the first regular house in the town at the point of the of the Muskingum and Ohio Rivers afterwards owned and occupied by his brother-in-law Judge Dudley Woodbridge it being the first house in Ohio at Northwest Territory. [Note: I am a descendant of William Backus as is Elijah Backus and Dudley Woodbridge's children]

From the Ohio Historical Society:

Dudley Woodbridge, Sr., and Lucy Backus had six children. When they came west in 1789,
Dudley, Jr., and William (later the first governor of Michigan) were left in "prep" school in the
East. The former first married Jane, daughter of Benjamin Ives Gilman, who died soon after
the birth of their daughter, and (second) Maria Morgan [daughter of George Morgan].

William Woodbridge, son of Dudley & Maria (Morgan) Woodbridge, buried in Mound Cemetery.

John Morgan Woodbridge's tombstone in Mound Cemetery and below as found in the 1910 Census:
Name:     John M Woodbridge
Birthplace:     Ohio
Residence:     Newton Ward 1, Middlesex, Massachusetts
Father's Birthplace:     Ohio
Mother's Birthplace:     Connecticut
 Spouse     Emily N Woodbridge     F     40y
Child     John M Woodbridge     M     9y

John M. Woodbridge buried in Marietta Mound Cemetery.

In addition to the Backus ancestry, Governor William Woodbridge of Michigan (b. 1780 in Connecticut, second son of Dudley and Lucy (Backus) Woodbridge), is also of interest to me as a Michigan researcher.

Updated information regarding the mounds:


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