07 February 2011

Soundex Cards - An Old-Fashioned Way Of Researching

A Soundex Card on microfilm was the old-fashioned way to locate specific people in the census:

Before the census(es) were searchable online, the Soundex Card Index on microfilm (at the Library of Michigan) was used to find John F. More in the 1900 census.  I knew that John F. More and family moved to Georgia from Michigan and lived in Ware Co., Georgia some time after 1900.  Where were they in 1900, though?  I found them through the Soundex Card (above) as MOORE in Haralson County, Georgia.

The first step was to determine* which roll of microfilm needed to be viewed. *Cracking the Soundex Code here.  [M-600 is the Soundex Code for More/Moore (M for the 1st letter; O is ignored; R is 6 and E is ignored)].

With the County, Enumeration District and Sheet # found on the Soundex Card, the family was then found in the actual 1900 census (which also had to be done using microfilm at that time).

Today a search can be done from home using FamilySearch.org ( the More Family in the 1900 Census found the online way).  How much do I appreciate the online resources while reflecting about the old-fashioned way of doing things!!

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Carol said...

Yes, we do appreciate online resources, but that Soundex sure has a spot in our hearts. And, it still works! LOL