04 December 2010

Two Items Regarding The Estate of William Acklin

From the Estate of William Acklin, Deceased, Probate File #3112, Madison Co., Alabama, housed at the Madison County Records Center:

Voucher #2 - Examined September September 14, 1885 - W. Goodman
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__ Chancery -- Fifth District
Northern Division, State of Alabama

William Johnson, Complainant
John D. Weeden
Executor & _, et als: Defendant

Receive of John C. Weeden, Executor of William Acklen, deceased, twenty Dollars in __ commissioner's fees ....depositions of James V. A. Hinds and Hattie M. Acklen, witnesses on the part of the defendants.

Dated this July 15, A.D., 1877

___ Cooper

There was more activity regarding William Acklen's estate, including the following:

Litigated at the Supreme Court of Alabama was Acklen v. Goodman. "Acklen" was Harriet (Gooch) Acklen, the widow of William's son, Theodore, and "Goodman" was William's daughter Corinne.

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