05 November 2010

Mr. Richardson -- Have You Married A Ford Lately?

 It was the "grandchild of the Ford estate" that drew my interest.  Dearborn was mentioned; were they related to Henry Ford?  William Ford, son of Samuel & Nancy, age 79, died in Dearborn on 5 August 1898 -- was it his estate listed above?  (Yes)  A history of the William Ford family can be found here
Wayne Co., MI, Probate Index

Richardson, Nellie & Ivie, age 5
Grandchild of FORD estate
File #?
Age 12
Resides in Genesee Co., MI

The History of the William Ford family, published in The Dearborn Historian (Volume 25, Spring 1985, #2), was written by Ford R. Bryan.  A family tree incorporated in the article included Emma Ford (1856-1897) who married C. Richardson (1854-1942) with children Ivy (Bryan) and Nettie (Bryan). 

William Ford, son of Samuel & Nancy, had an Uncle John Ford (1799-1864) who married Thomasine.  John and Thomasine's son William was the father of the industrialist Henry Ford. (More information in The Dearborn Historian, Volume 26, #2).

Charles Richardson & Emma Ford were profiled in The Dearborn Historian, Volume 18, #1.  Charles was the son of William & Lucy Ann (Dawley) Richardson.  There was also a brief history of the Richardson family's ancestry.

In the 1900 MI Census:

1900 MI Genesee  Mt. Morris Twp.
Richardson, Chas., head, Jany 1854, 46, m1, CT CT CT, farmer
", Jennie, wife, Apr 1855, 45, m1, 2children/0living  MI NJ PA
", Ivy B., daughter, June 1883, 16, single, MI CT MI
", Nettie**, daughter, Aug 1888, 11, MI CT MI
Smith, Elizabeth, mother-in-law, Apr 1818, 82, wd, 8ch-3living, PA PA PA

Elizabeth Smith, born 19 April 1818, died in Mt. Morris, Genesee County, Michigan, on 22 July 1904.  she was the daughter of Simon Dunne (Dimm) & Unknown.  The informant was R. B. Smith of Mt. Morris.

*Ivy B. Richardson married Harry W. Bryan
**Nettie Richardson married Frederick Bryan 23 September 1909 in Genesee Co., Michigan.
Charles Richardson was also Henry Ford's last teacher at the Scotch Settlement schoolhouse.

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