16 August 2010

The Salisburys Who Were Born In Lapeer, MI, & LIved In Orleans County, New York

From the Historical album of Orleans County, New York with illustrations descriptive of its scenery...and portraits of old pioneers and prominent residents. 1879:

William A. Salisbury, born in Lapeer county, Mich., in 1845 (died 1914 and buried in Hillside Cemetery, Orleans Co., NY), came to Murray in 1851, and married Amelia Peterson (1848 - 1942), of Saratoga, in 1869. They have one child. Mr. Salisbury purchased the Balcom mills in 1875, which he now owns and runs. He turns out about 1,200 barrels of flour annually in addition to custom grinding.

1880 NY Census Orleans, Murray
William A. SALSBURY Self M W 33 MI Farmer --- ---

The 1892 New York Census also listed William, Amelia and Laura Salisbury.

Joseph W. (Willard) Salisbury, son of Harman and Lucinda Salisbury, was born in Lapeer county, Mich., in 1847, and came with his parents to Clarendon in 1851. In 1858 they moved to Murray, where his father purchased 80 acres of land of Richard Rhodes, and afterwards added thereto until he owned 280 acres, which is now in the possession of his sons. Joseph W. was married in 1876 to Ida L. Prosser, of Gaines. He now owns 50 acres of the old homestead. [Note: He died in Rochester, Monroe Co., NY, per the IGI]

The 1860 NY Census taken in Orleans County enumerates H. L. Salsbury, his wife, Mary, and children, including William and J. Willard.

Harmon & Lucinda (Harwick) Salisbury's son, Milford Salisbury (1853 - 1925) married Harriet and Blanche Curtis. He's buried in Mt. Albion Cemetery, Orleans Co., New York.

Harmon and Lucinda also had a son named George (1855 - 1925) who married Elizabeth Stockham (1867 - 1944), and was buried in Mt. Albion Cemetery.

Lucinda & Harmon had a daughter, Miranda (1843 - 1903), wife of Nathaniel Rhodes (1843 - 1912), who was buried in Transit Cemetery, Orleans Co., NY.

Lucinda (1819 - 1856) was also buried in Transit Cemetery. Harmon married 2nd, Mary D. Peterson (1818-1874); Harmon (1812-1893), son of Joseph Salisbury, was also buried in Transit Cemetery.

According to Landmarks of Orleans County, New York (see excerpt below), Harmon & Lucinda were the parents of both William A. and Joseph Salisbury as well as Miranda, J. Willard, J. H. Leroy, Emma A., Milford E., and George S.

The 1850 census taken in Almont, Lapeer County, Michigan, listed Harmon, Lucinda with children Miranda, age 7, Andrew (or Arthur), age 4 (could this be William A.?), Willard, age 3, and James, age 1.


Joan said...

I will be watching your Salisbury family with interest. My Salisbury kin come from Rhode Island (Providence) pre revolutionary war. I have gotten so entangled with the multitude of Johns, Williams, Richards of that name that I got rather lost and easily sidetracked. Always interested and may indeed be jogged back into this interesting family.

PalmsRV said...

Hi Joan,

My Camerons are like that, but all Duncans and Donalds and Marys and Anns. I actually don't have any Salisburys -- it was their connection to Lapeer Co. that caught my eye. Especially since they were born in Michigan and migrated back to NY, the reverse of what usually happened. Hope you're not too disappointed! Now I'll have to watch your Salisburys to see if there is a connection.


Apple said...

Because of the places where your Salisbury's were found I checked my file but I have nothing on those you mention. I am not related to the Salisbury's directly but cousins married into a branch of the family. You might want to compare notes with Brenda as she is related to the Salisbury's.

PalmsRV said...

Hi Apple,

They're actually not mine either -- but I do track people of Lapeer County, so they caught my attention. Thanks for checking though and a special thanks just for reading my blog. I do appreciate it!