01 August 2010

Powers Family History By Marion G. Powers

Below is a brief history of John Powers and his son, William.

I treasure the information (below) given to me by William Powers' son, Marion G. Powers (my great-uncle). Uncle Marion was not interested in genealogy, but was gracious enough to share what he knew with me.


John N. Powers was born in Ireland in 1834. Came to America in 1850 with two older brothers, landed in Nova Scotia. Came over on a Tramp Steamer and often told of the rough and tiresome trip.

Captain was a hard task master and was not very good to the boys and they had to work very hard and not much food.

It is not known how long the brothers were together but John was left by himself and drifted West in Canada to Area of Grimsby, Ontario.

All he knew what work to do was digging ditches, which he did and worked some on farms. He had a hard time to get some clothes together.

In 1855 he met and married Agnes Kennedy of English descent and to this union five children were born: Clara in 1857 and William S. in 1859, John E. in 1861, James in 1863, Harry in 1865.

They lived in Canada until after the children were born and then came to America and settled in Dryden, Michigan. William went to Detroit and worked there earned money to buy a lot in Dryden and built a house for his parents. William was twenty-nine when he met and married Addie M. More of Thornville, Michigan. They lived in Detroit for a short time and then moved to Battle Creek where he was employed by the Advance Machine Company and they lived on Upton Ave, Battle Creek for many years.

Their first son was born dead in 1890, then in 1893 Ward Stanley was born. Ralph Newman born in 1897, July 27th. Addie Mae born Feb. 28, 1898, and Cynthia June in 1900, June 18th.

In 1901 William quit the Advance Company and moved to a farm in Dryden township, Lapeer County. The farm was taken up from the Government by Addie's father and was now in her mother's name. William and Addie purchased same from her, Mrs. James More, in about 1904. This was the year that Charles Arthur was born and lived 6 days.

Farming was a hard job in those years but they made a living for the family. Then in 1906 Marion Garrison was born and that wast he last member of the family.

The farm was sold and the family moved to Flint and William worked for the Buick Motor factory and did carpenter work for himself. He passed on in 1939 and was buried in Thornville Cemetery Mich.

Addie lived until May 1947 and was buried beside her husband in Thornville.

Ward passed on in 1953 in Washington, D.C. in 1953 Oct. and as he fought in the WWI he was buried in Arlington Cemetery, Virginia.

Ralph died in Oct. 1965 and was buried in Cemetery on Hill Rd., Grand Blanc.

June died April 1976 and was buried in Flint Memorial Cemetery, Flint, Michigan.

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