30 July 2010

Alvord Letter Regarding Mr. Hickey

Muscatah, Kansas
August 11, 1891

Brother Joseph,

In your late letters to me you state Mr. Hickey is not trustworthy as a teacher of the Law. Will you point out in what respect you know him not to be trustworthy. Please give me and my wife the things you know. If he is an imposter tell us the particulars.

When I was in western Kansas he came out (and) got us to sell our farm and move to Independence, Mo., and we came here and settled. He has not baptized me but baptized my wife. Please give us the facts as you know them.


D. B. Alvord

Please reply by letter or Herald.

From the Strangite Collection at the Clarke Historical Library at Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan (as was this and this).

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Joan said...

Well, you can't fault D.B. for mincing words--he says it like he sees it.