15 May 2010

Witness To Murder In Nashville

The Morning Call published an article on 15 November 1894 whereas Joseph H. Acklin was a witness to murder. The incident took place in Nashville, Tennessee. The article was found via the Chronicling America website.


A Judge Who Would Not Settle an
Old Claim Standing Against Him.

Nashville, Term.. Nov. 14— 0f all the many
tragedies Nashville has experienced,
the most appalling was perpetrated today.
Chancery Court Clerk George K.
Whitworth shot and instantly killed
Chancellor Andrew S. Allison in the
upper hallway of the courthouse in this
city at about 12:45 p. m. He fired both
barrels of a shotgun loaded with buckshot,
and about twenty-two of the shot took
effect in the breast and side of the Chancellor,
who fell near the stairway, gasped
once or twice and died.
Only one man, Joseph H. Acklen, saw
the tragedy; The chancellor had just adjourned
his court and left the room, entered
the hall and was about to descend
the steps. Whitworth, who was there said,
"Oh, Judge," and as he turned fired at
him. Acklen rushed toward the chancellor,
and as he did so heard two shots
from behind. Turning he saw that Whitworth
had shot himself with a pistol.

The New York Times also carried the story. Rather than re-appoint Whitworth, Chancellor Allison appointed his son, Granville Allison, to the $20,000.00 a year position as Clerk and Master. Until the appointment, the men had been friends; Whitworth even went into debt for Allison's election.

"A little tour in America," by Samuel Reynolds Hole, in 1895, mentioned Whitworth, who languished for a few days before he died. That publication is a potpourri of murders, tragedies, duels, etc.

The Allison family in 1880:

Granville P. SMITH Self M W 63 VA VA VA
Leanora C. SMITH Wife M W 55 LA SC NC
Andrew ALLISON SonL M W 37 TN Lawyer IRE TN
Nettie S. ALLISON Dau MW 38 TN VA LA
Granville ALLISON GSon S W12 TN TN TN
Source Information: Census Place District 18, Davidson, Tennessee

Granville Allison became a minister and abandoned the law and aspirations as county clerk. In 1900 Granville (a minister), Eleanor, son Andrew and Granville's mother, Annetta, lived in Pulaski, TN. He died in Memphis, Tennessee, on March 12, 1908 (death record online at the Shelby Co. website).

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