16 May 2010

Not My Katherine Johnson

My great-grandmother, Katherine (Rice) Johnson, died in childbirth about 1906, when my grandmother, Katie (Johnson) Garrett was about 3 years old. She may have been living in Arkansas or Illinois when she died. Many people in southern Illinois were admitted to a St. Louis, Missouri, hospital, so perhaps my Katherine Johnson died in Missouri.

I found an obituary for Katherine Johnson, who died in January of 1906, in the St. Louis [MO] Obituary Index, and sent for it on May 3, 2010, via the Internet.

St. Louis Obituary Index 1906

It was not my Katherine Johnson whose obituary appeared in the St. Louis Post on January 18, 1906:

JOHNSON - Entered into rest at 3:45 a.m., Katherine Johnson, relict of Patrick Johnson, formerly of 2541 Benton street. Funeral from the residence of her daughter, 5719 Maffit avenue. Due notice of funeral will be given.
The Burial Permit for Catherine Johnson was published in the St. Louis Post on Saturday,
January 20, 1906:

The child "my" Katherine Johnson had in 1906 survived
and died about 1969 as Ruth Smith in Pontiac, Michigan.
I'm still working on discovering more about Ruth which
should lead me to more specific information about

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