22 February 2010

Oh Canada - Paying Homage To My Canadian Relatives (Part Seven)

The Illustrious Isaac Brock Howard

Isaac Brock Howard, the son of William & Mary Howard, was born 26 Apr 1818, in Grimsby, Ontario, Canada, and named after General Isaac Brock.

Our present subject is very much to our notion, as a Wesleyan minister. He is a native of Canada, with an admixture of Anglo-Saxon and Teutonic blood in his veins. He is rather tall, straight, slender, and handsome, having a clear skin with dark hair. Age has not yet impaired his beauty, although he is forty-one or two. He has been 19 years in the itinerant work, having gone out into the Canadian ministry at the memorable " Special Conference." He egressed from the halls of the "Upper Canada Academy," where he was respectably educated. All his pre-ministerial life was spent in study and teaching.

He is somewhat scholarly, but not pedantic—studious, but not slavishly devoted to books—genteel, but plain and condescending—cheerful, without levity—serious, without moroseness—devout, without fanaticism—and earnest, without rant. He excels in his ability and tact for working up his circuits— which he always does—or straightening them when needed. We scarcely know his equal for nerve and thoroughness ill cleansing an Augean stable. He can differ with a man without quarreling with him—he is mild, but unflinching—almost to stubbornness.

He preaches good, thorough, practical, appropriate sermons, but none for show or effect. He is laborious and pastoral and unusually successful in promoting revivals. We have often wondered how he brought them about. With no extra eloquence, passion or sanctimoniousness—with a voice not very strong or commanding—and with a peculiar manner of utterance resembling a stammerer, arising from rapidity and hesitancy combined, yet he will fix attention, produce conviction, and keep the people all at work, till the tide of prosperity sets in, and sinners by scores are brought to God. And he is just as useful in building up as he is in gathering in. He carries his religion into everything, and has a family ordered as a christian minister's should be.

Our hero has received good appointments, but has had more work than honors. His beautiful chirography and exactness in copying have entailed on him the drudgery of " Journal Secretaryship," for a number of years—long enough to have earned the post of principal Secretary before it did. He is in the largest city of the two Provinces, and is now the Chairman of that District—the first year of his Episcopate.

His Conference speeches do not produce a very profound impression, owing to want of weight in his voice—distinctness in his manner of coming at a question—and his usually appearing after the minds of members are wearied with the discussion.

He has too much work on hand to take an early and effective part in the debates, although he sits in a conspicuous place. His baptismal name is after the hero of Queenston Heights, and Isaac Brock Howard is a real Christian hero.


Isaac Howard married Mary Jane Beatty on 13 November 1844, in Cobourg, Ontario.

Their Children:
Clara Louisa Howard, b. 1846
John Beatty Howard, b. 1848
Jane Morrow Howard, b. 1850
Alfred Digby Howard, b. 1857
Charles James Howard, b. 1863

Marriages solemnized in Peterborough County (Ontario, Canada) from 1850-1855, by Reverend Isaac B. Howard can be found here.

Isaac Brock Howard was the brother of my Ann (Howard) Kennedy and the uncle of my Mary Agnes (Kennedy) Powers.

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