22 February 2010

Early Newsreels of the Motor City

My Alma Mater, Wayne State University, has Detroit News newsreels online in their WSU Virtual Motor City Collection, including:

Captain Walpole Rowland, age 102, a veteran of 7 wars, is voting (in the mid 1920's). I could find absolutely nothing else on this gentleman!

Also can be seen is the Second Annual Detroit Police Field Day at the State Fair Grounds in 1928.

How about a "Proving Ground" for Ford in 1928?

Dedication of a monument (DAR) can be seen here; descendants of Abagail Parmenter Bennett at Washington, Macomb County, Michigan.

There's also clips of Lou Gehrig & Babe Ruth, University of Michigan games, John Phillip Sousa at Cass Tech High School, the 26th Auto Show (1920's), and many more. There's 31 pages with approximately 15 newsreels per page.

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