15 August 2009

Finding Family Connections (Not Mine) Through The Board Of Health Report

An Annual Report to the State Board of Health in Michigan included a report by Dr. John S. Caulkins, M.D., of Thornville, Lapeer County, Michigan, regarding 8 cases of an outbreak of diphtheria in November of 1877; 4 of them fatal.

The Arcadia Township, Lapeer County, outbreak was limited to the family of Patrick McGraw, "destitute" who moved from Lapeer (City) to Arcadia where Mrs. McGraw had an unmarried brother, Mr. Casey. Just before the outbreak a sister of Mrs. McGraw and Mr. Casey came to visit bringing a nephew's wife and sister (10 in all).

Dr. Caulkins' report lists the details of questions asked (living conditions, etc.) and the answers specific to the McGraw family.

Case 1 - Bridget McGraw, age 10, attacked November 1877. She survived and married Eri Muma on 4 July 1888.

Groom's name: Eri Muma
Groom's age: 21 years
Bride's name: Bridget Mcgraw
Bride's age: 21 years
Marriage date: 04 Jul 1888
Marriage place: Lapeer, Lapeer, Michigan
Groom's father's name: George Muma
Groom's mother's name: Eunice King
Father of bride's name: Patrick Mcgraw
Mother of bride's name: Bridget Casey
Reference number: item 2 p 266 rn 104
Collection: Michigan Marriages 1868-1925

Case 2 - Daniel McGraw, age 8, attacked 19 Nov 1877; 7 days duration; Died
Case 3 - Ann McGraw, age 5, 21 Nov 1877; 8 days; Died
Case 4 - John McGraw, age 13, 7 Dec 1877; 8 days; Died
Case 5- Mary McGraw, age 15, 29 Nov 1877; 8 days; Died
Case 6 - Bridget McGraw, 42, 6 days; Recovered
Case 7 - Clara Simmons, a cousin's wife; had disease slightly; Recovered
Case 8 - Ann Simmons, sister-in-law to Clara; had disease slightly; Recovered

The McGraw children who died are all listed on this page of death records.

Mr. Casey (the uncle), age 50, and visiting sister, age 45, escaped without symptoms

In 1880, Bridget McGraw was still living with her brother, John Casey:

1880 MI Lapeer, Arcadia
John CASEY Self S W 48 IRE Laborer IRE IRE
Bridget MCGRURA Sister M W 45 IRE Keeping House IRE IRE
Bridget MCGRURA Niece S W 13 MI IRE IRE
George CASEY Nephew S W 12 MI Laborer IRE IRE

In 1900 Bridget McGraw is still living with her brother, John Casey and are the only two in the household in Arcadia, Lapeer Co., Michigan. She (Bridget) had 5 children / 1 living according to the 1900 census.

Mrs. Bridget McGraw, the mother of the afflicted children, died 17 July 1910, in Lapeer County, per this record.

Even though Bridget McGraw died in 1910, she is on the census taken on May 11, 1910, and was living alone in Arcadia, Lapeer County, Michgan.

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