25 April 2009

Time Spent With Saline Co., Illinois Probate Records

The probate records for Saline County, Illinois, are held by the Circuit Court Clerk in the courthouse at 10 E. Poplar Street in downtown Harrisburg, Illinois. The names I selected from the index included:

McKenzie, E.E. 43-2
McKenzie, James 16-26
Rice, James A. 44-29
Rice, Opal 271-6
Rice, Mary 94-4
Rice, W. H. 85-17
Rice, Green B. 92-21
Rice, A.L. 21-13
Rice, B. H. 51-25
Patello, L. A. 65-12
Pattillo, Felix G. 18-10
Johnson, James 95-26
Johnson, J.A. 12-28
Powers, Bertie 204-8

In BOLD are the files I actually examined and will publish extracted items from them on the blog or my website, or both.

I probably would have looked at more files and examined the index more thoroughly, but spent most of the morning across the hall in the Saline County courthouse extracting deeds. Because I was onsite and looking through the probate documents myself as well as copying them myself (which was no problem since I was standing next to the copy machine) there was no charge. It was FREE!!! A few years ago I had sent for a file for E. E. McKenzie* (different than the one listed above) and it cost approximately $30.00. I did not copy every item in the probate files; a request through the clerk's office would have sent every item, but then again, I would have paid for it (them).

*nee Roark

It was a good day of genealogical research.

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