25 April 2009

A Note Regarding Felix Patillo's Estate in Probate

From the probate file of Felix Patillo, extracted from File 18-10, held at the Saline County, Illinois, Circuit Court Clerk's office.

Felix Grundy Patillo died 10 March 1855. He was born 18 May 1819 in Illinois to John S. & Mary (Trousdale) Patillo. He married Eleanor E. Roark 20 March 1845 in Gallatin County, Illinois.

There are several things I like about this document:

It was made on March 13th; Felix Patillo had just died March 10th; though it does not identify Felix's date of death, it is documentation that's in close proximity to his given death date.

It is a document with his widow's handwriting and signature, suggesting that Eleanor was able to read and write, not something taken for granted in 1855.

It identified Eleanor's brother as William Roark, corroborating the fact that Eleanor Roark married Felix G. Patillo and that William was her brother.

Felix Patillo's estate was intestate (did not have a will), based upon the fact that William Roark was asked to be named as administrator and was not the executor.

Saline County was named on the document (although Illinois was not).

It's old, it pertains to my ancestors, and I actually got to handle the document!

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