30 December 2008

A Very Special Day -- New Year's Day

Inspired by Miriam's New Year's post on AnceStories2, I gave New Year's Day celebrations some thought.

My daughter was a 19xx New Year's baby (in a small town) as was my uncle in 1935 (in Flint, Michigan). So New Year's Day was Happy Birthday! Happy New Year!!

A birthday meal at Bill Knapp's Restaurant (now defunct) was a tradition we tried to uphold -- thank goodness they were open on New Year's Day. A discount percentage equal to the birthday person's age was given -- so getting older was getting better price-wise at least -- and a chocolate cake was complimentary (and delicious). [See this blog for some Bill Knapp's recipes]

In my younger years, the Tournament of Roses Parade was part of the New Year's celebration and living in Big Ten Country (Michigan) the Rose Bowl was also big.

The Rose Bowl also gives me the opportunity to annoy friends and family with trivia, i.e., did you know that the director of the University of Southern California's Marching Band (Dr. Arthur C. Bartner) was my band director in high school -- Davison High School? Oh, you do? Because I've told you that every New Year's Day since 1971, especially when the USC Trojans are playing? (I try to spare my daughter this repartee now since after all, it is her birthday). I never did the marching, though; I pretty much knew that I couldn't march and play the clarinet at the same time. My friend Nancy and I did take semi-private lessons from Dr. Bartner though after school -- poor guy -- .

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Miriam said...

Cathy, I didn't realize you had this blog as well as the In Deeds one! I'm so glad you commented, as I will enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy reading In Deeds. I keep coming across posts that mention so many places that I also research. I suppose one of these times we may find a common ancestor!

Happy Hunting!