28 December 2008

Crime & Punishment in Michigan Circa 1880

Google books has the 1880 Michigan Annual Report for the Attorney General (by county) - the Lapeer County report can be found here.

It's called the Abstracts of Reports of Lapeer County, Harrison Geer, Prosecuting Attorney, Number of Persons Prosecuted - 93.

The criminals are not identified by name, but the list is broken down by Criminal Charge, # charged and the Result and Punishment.

This was an accidental find and I thought it was interesting.

Upon further review, it appears as though the information sent in by the county prosecutors are part of the Appendix; the other parts are "A" - cases for the State Supreme Court (there are names listed); "B" - List of Chancery Cases and "C" - List of cases authorized to be instituted by the Attorney General's office.

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