02 July 2007

Saga of the GARRETT Family of Arkansas

Usually I don’t work on my “southern” ancestors too much when I’m in Michigan, but I want to exchange research with a person in Craighead County, Arkansas and she needs some research done on her Michigan roots. It just so happens that one of her collateral lines married into one of my Garrett collateral lines -- so in a way we’re connected.

My Direct Line:

Joseph C. Garrett father of
George W. Garrett (W. Jane Hankins), parents of:
John Joseph Garrett (Sophia Jeannette Swinyer) parents of:
James H. Garrett (Katherine I. Johnson), parents of:
Living, mother of:

The theory is that Joseph C. Garrett who purchased property in 1859 (per the Bureau of Land Management - General Land Office Records), is the same person as “Cas” Garrett who was enumerated on the 1850 census and is also the same person as the “J.C. Garrett” enumerated in the 1860 MORTALITY census.

Joseph C. Garrett - LAND

NESE 36/ 14-N 3-E No 5th PM AR Craighead

SWSE 36/ 14-N 3-E No 5th PM AR Craighead

And (same property – additional information):

36 14 N 3E 0 Acres 1859/07/01 Craighead Co.

" " " 80 Acres 1859/07/01 Craighead Co.

Cas Garrett – CENSUS
1850 Arkansas Census Poinsett Co., Greenfield Twp.
Garrett, Cas 36,
" Artilla 34,
"Mary A 15,
"Martha E. 13,
"Henry J. 11,
"George W. 7,
"Susan S. 2,
" Thomas 24, [Note: BROTHER of Cas Garrett?]
FRUSUN, Andrew J. 28, [Unknown relationship to Garretts]
" Elizabeth M 26,
" Anjaline 8,
" Mary J. 6,
" Daniel J.D. 4,
" Caroline 3 NC/TN

J.C. GARRETT – 1860 MORTALITY census

J.C. Garrett, 45, m. widowed, born SC, died June, killed in affray, Craighead. He was supposedly killed over a property dispute.

So, by 1860 Cas & Artilla Garrett are dead. Their children were enumerated together in the 1860 census. I believe that Joseph C. “Cas” Garrett had two brothers in the area; Thomas [enumerated with Cas on the 1850 census] and possibly John (1822 – 1875) [who married Elizabeth Stotts].

The orphan Garrett siblings are listed in the 1860 AR census as follows:

1860 Craighead Co., AR
GARRETT, Henry G., farmer, 21, b. AL
, Martha A., 24, b. AL
, Margaret E., 23, b. ___
, George W., 16, b. AR
, Sarah E., 22, b. AR
, Isaac C., 10, b. AR
, Minerva J., 16, b. AR
, Wiley B., 4, b. AR

Wiley B. Garrett and also a George W. Garrett were both living in Nettleton Twp. in 1900 (in the census).


Marriage record for George Washington Garrett (b. ca 1843), who may have married 2nd a Dixie L. Foster (Craighead Marriages F-0452 in 1896

George W. Garrett in the Arkansas death index between 1900 - 1910.

Land Records – Garretts in Grantee and/or Grantor Indexes for Craighead Co.

- Who sold/inherited Joseph C. (Cas) Garrett’s land after he died in 1859

- Any property owned/sold/inherited by George W. (Wash) Garrett

- Any Hankins property with a Garrett heir


Karen (Round) Little said...

Hi Cathy, It's your cousin Karen in Houston. It is so cool you have been doing this and I'm so glad I can access it. I really admire your work, I wouldn't even know where to begin... I forwarded your link to Rick, who's up in Ohio, and trying to attempt some family research of his own.

Palmsrv said...


It is GREAT to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words regarding my research. Just telling me about yourself and your family in Texas would help! For instance, I know (or think I know) that your Dad graduated from GMI -- but where did he work after that? I remember that your family lived in Mexico City, NC, and, of course, Houston, but I have very few details. You could probably tell me about Grandma Katie in ways I couldn't even begin to know. Any stories that were passed down from Grandma Katie or your Mom would be precious jewels to me!

Thanks again for posting to my blog.

Can you send me your e-mail address?

Cousin Cathy