30 November 2006

Passenger Lists At Ancestry

The folks at Ancestry are allowing free access to their passenger list databases until the end of 2006. So I thought I’d try a few searches. Among those I’ve found were Alger family members of Detroit and Grosse Pointe, Michigan. Russell A. Alger, Sr., was a Michigan Senator and Governor and was also the Secretary of Defense during the Spanish-American War. Mrs. Alger was a descendant of Wait Squier, connecting the Alger family to members of my family. Sailing on the S.S. Kaiser Wilhelm II from Cherbourg on March 18, 1908, were Mrs. Russell A. Alger, Jr., and daughters Josephine and Fay. I didn’t remember a Josephine Alger, so I did a “Google” search and found information about her in the Grosse Pointe newspapers. To see a boatload (!) of Alger references in the Grosse Pointe newspapers, see the link at the Grosse Pointe Library sponsored by the historical society.

The S.S. Calamares sailed from Port Antonio, Jamaica, in 1914 with members of the Alger family on board. While looking through the same manifest (online at www.ancestry.com), I noticed the name Stewart Grafton. A nice coincidence -- the Graftons are also in my genealogical database as relatives of my Howard relatives in Canada. A quick “Google” search found the following links to the Graftons:

Biography of James Beatty Grafton

Apparently the Graftons were from South Carolina ---

WorldConnect Database of Graftons in South Carolina & Mississippi

Grafton Land Grants On The Mississippi

Also found were Gottlieb & Fannie Palm (on one of their trips from Germany back to the United States) as well as Eve Billo who went to the Territory of Hawaii in the 1950’s. There are plenty more queries before 2007 arrives!

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