05 November 2006

Genealogy Project of The Day

Genealogy Project of the Day:

Trying to fill out the KIMBRO family tree -- Daniel Kimbro was a direct ancestor of my niece & nephew through his daughter, Niteva Kimbro Price. See information from the Texas Historical Marker at the Kimbro Family cemetery here.

One of Daniel Kimbro’s sons was Crawford Kimbro. Found in the 1910 Census as the brother-in-law of Margaret Ainsworth in Spiro Township, Leflore County, Oklahoma, was a Crawford Kimbro. He was the right age to be Daniel Kimbro’s son and was born in Texas, which also leads me to believe he could be the Crawford Kimbro I was searching for [although it is not a certainty].

Next I needed to find out how Crawford Kimbro became Margaret Ainsworth’s brother-in-law – and found Crawford Kimbro, husband of Sarah Ainsworth, at the Bunting Family WorldConnect Project.

There were some Kimbros and Ainsworths buried in the Skullyville, OK, cemetery.

Click on the included link to see a brief history of Skullyville, Leflore Co., Oklahoma.

According to this article, “’Indian Territory’ was not enumerated for non-Indians.” If the Kimbro children in the Skullyville Cemetery were the children of Crawford & Sarah J. (Ainsworth) Kimbro, it would indicate by their dates of death that the family was living in Indian Territory (Skullyville) when the 1880 census was taken. If the Kimbros were not enumerated, that would help explain why Crawford Kimbro was not found in 1880 census, but was still alive when the 1910 census was taken.

This was another interesting genealogical trail to follow….

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